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Because I said, it's his fault. But at the same time, I that's what you have. Let's go to the receivers. Now Antonio Brown. He finished five receptions one hundred seventeen yards. A lot of that yards came on that seventy eight yard touchdown pass average twenty three point four yards per catch. He had a touchdown thirteen targets headed his way. How do you great? Antonio Brown's day, Lance. Antonio Brown too. The percentage is very low in this game. I know you're going to get Jalen Ramsey, and they missed a couple of opportunities wants to. In fact, I called the double move ju you talking to my dad at that time. And I was saying this is double move because of the press coverage on the outside. It was uneven game by AB, but he did make a bit play when they needed some gonna give Abia too. I'm gonna go to half because I agree with what you said there are a couple passes. I felt he thought a little bit harder to at least try to break them up. That's just one of those situations whereas receiver sometimes you have to play defense. And you know, what he made a big play when it mattered. I thought the biggest play of the game wasn't the touchdown that might sound crazy. But it was after James Connors drop in the fourth quarter on the game winning drive. It was the past that little seam route Brown rub route. Vance McDonald got a good chip on. Jalen Ramsey going across the middle. Takes him down to the two yard line that finish. It was a huge play huge catch and run. I liked to offer Brown. But like you said two and a half Ed to me this kind of goes back to Ross burgers day. I felt in Lancet comment here if you agree or disagree. I felt it Ross burger when things were going haywire. And there were times with talk of collapsing. He's moved around. He went back into two thousand seventeen Ben and his eyes went right? Eighty four every time that. It can happen not against defends like this. Did you see that as well? Or did you think that's just kind of happenstance of where they were where he was being rushed from etc. No, I agree. I thought he was forcing some throws. And I thought the throat a picked in the end zone. Eight be the ball placement. Was that as well? And that broke. But I thought he was forcing stuff to AB and thought he was taking some chances that he didn't need to sickly in Vince is not really threatening. You particularly in the second half when they kinda had controlled running game. He chances thirty wrist in those parts, you can actually. Pretty well in this game that you could actually go play because they had a good handle of the at that point in time. So I I agree. I think he was thinking severe swith he who's pressing a bit and going back to my Kamal's point. They he was kind of Ted. Little sometimes. Yes. So it's going to be interesting to see. Hopefully, this is not a rude. Not reverting back to last season where Brown was getting ridiculous targets every single game. But the second leading receiver was judy's Mr. eight receptions, one hundred four yards along thirty five which was the catch I referred to earlier got the team will inside Chris Basel's field goal range. Eight catches on tan targets. What do you grade you on this in this game, Lance June two three actually give a three point two five? I thought Judy was huge. And that final drive I thought in terms of percentage. Judy was solid juju player, very good gang. Those physical came for Junji stupid because he took some hits over the middle that I know he might want to avoid it might wanna slide some of those situations, but that catch back shoulder catch was enough to give it a two and a half grade. And I ju- continues to place all. Football. Juju was dependable. But I think what you're seeing with this offense particularly against really good deepens like Jacksonville. They need a third wide receiver. I don't think Switzer's the guy in Washington has proven to be the guy either they knew wide receiver option that can take some pressure off of those two guys on the outside and next week when they play diverse when it be critical that Gilbert comes back because Gilbert is one of.

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