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These section. That they're looking at is. I think it's it's open Laka OPEL Locka Florida now in open Locka, Florida. There is a processing facility for the for the postal service that does not deal in letters only deals in packages. And they believe it's from there or through there that these packages went there was also, of course, the confusion about a package being sent to congressman Debbie Wasserman Schultz. However, that's not what happened. It was sent to the former attorney general Eric Holder, but it was returned to sender. The returned to sender address was her Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida, and that's why they thought it was sent to her. So this is one of the places they're looking at there was a post office in New York that they shut down to because of of a suspicious package as well. So there have been twelve but they do have a person in custody. However, let's make sure we're clear about what we're saying here. There are no. Charges filed a person in custody. Could mean there's questioning could mean an association maybe there's more than one person right now. There is a news conference scheduled a four today. Right now, it's set for two thirty PM eastern time. Now, if it happens to come earlier are there any other conferences, we're going to bring that to you know, question sharing. This is is very important and worthwhile. What's important worthwhile? Is that while the the media apparatchik wants to scream and blame Trump. And while there are people out there who wanna talk false flag operations. We are the ones who aren't deterred or confused. We are the ones who are not going to let this keep us from our our appointed rounds if you will. We're taking a look at these midterm elections. Now, President Trump wrote on Twitter. If you didn't know, you might you might not be aware of this. This may come as a bit of a shock to.

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