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And of the usual stuff but not not putting anything like seizing in it so this to i thought you know i've got to do something because somebody else might want to eat some of that dressing to so looked in the freezer and there i had a pound of swaggered he's sausage so we thought it out for added up and we added a pound owes swaggered east to it and it was absolutely scrumptious year fried crumbled or the um and put it in the midst of that just like with all the stuff and added that cream of mushroom so i think it would be wonderful with cream a message from sudanese he just made it the traditional white like i did the other one and it so i had actually three dressings i had that one and then my traditional one with the seasonings in it and then when i got finished ahead of louisville leftover so i put both of those together and that's probably gonna be the best one that will house that one i have a friend uh in his name is rick and since we started having our the fall season for the cooking segment o'neill outside is the swaggered iit's cooking saying we you swaggered ease recipes and swaggered east products in the recipes in the fall of the year now okay so hey solve that and thought well vow try some that swaggered he sausage you bought it at kroger of early on was grover uh and so he called me the other day and he said i had to stop you just gotta stop way on wisconsin what's going on he said i'm eating a pound of that a no a box that big box is three pounds i think is thirty two pieces of yeah sausage patti now he's aiding three pounds a sausage or week well he's gonna die it's the swaggered he sausages sold lane air when you cook the sausage in the pan in patty's they don't even shrink up now if just fabulous anyway who report the there too yeah swire already swaggered a sausage inure turkey dressing and swaggered he sausage for rick every day so uh and i will tell you that our pond the clothes of this program this morning at this at five fifty nine that's where i'm going to do i'm going to cook from swaggers it's my fault it's not about that you found that oh yes year is.

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