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You know crying in their beer when when far laugh tonight I. Really, did wonders for the for the team for the town. But but you know there was that moment where it was really time it was his time to move on. And And so everybody was kind of like, Oh my God before we they really knew what Rogers you know had under the hood and But I was I was a fan from the get go and He's own. Kids. You know just kind of. Never. He never ceases to amaze. I really. Feel like I really feel like. You know he's got some really good years coming. And and somehow he always manages to overcome whatever injury whatever criticism whatever's going on you know with the overall team or with the overall league. He just Kinda keeps. Rising above it and. And I just have a lot of a lot of confidence in the Guy Tony Shalhoub here on the rich Eisen show and Tony I obviously it without saying you've been in some great TV and certainly movies in your career You know Monaco monk, which monk which is available on on peacock here with all eight seasons and I do believe that's what you were on to promote an NFL network back in the day and now marvelous ask Mrs Mazel three seasons. So far the is research shows received fifty four nominations in sixteen wins. You are nominated again in the category in which you want your outstanding in this as is the rest of the cast and crew. What did it? What was it like when you receive the first script? Did you see it sense? It that this was something potentially that Special Tony Well, you know I really did love that pilot script and that's all we got to go on because we had to do the pilot wasn't one of those situations where you know it was. Picked up for a whole season which I believe. Netflix often does PA- for Amazon. You had to do a pilot and you know say it's just sort of trotted out there and then wait and get the decision to be made. Picked picked up the pilot script. Really. Really struck me the my character of aid of the father. A belief character has you know there wasn't there wasn't a lot of aid in the pilot or you know few kind of Nice scenes but it was There wasn't is a little difficult to kind of get a beat on where where this was going to go and how it was going to talk overall story. But I loved the writing so much and I I. was been a rate in a mire of amy, Sherman Palladino and Garage Dan Palladino, the writers, creators and I had a conversation with them you know before signing on. To just to get an idea of. You know what was in store for this character and they assured me that it was going to be really well rounded. Like all the characters were. And that we we're going to service these care, all of these characters well in that You know it was it was they had big plans. They weren't GonNa they weren't GonNa, show all their cards but they. They assured me that it was It was going to be significant and Turned out to be more than I even expected. And it's it's just wonderful. Just a a terrific. You know representation of the time there's you know a character of Lenny Bruce. So there's some real life names being thrown in there and you kind of wonder what could be real and what's not and then just again. A Jewish kid from New York City. So a lot of your. Rings true to me. I'm wondering again, you know actually the question, the David Shaw, the coach of Stanford is a big Fan of yours. Wanted me to ask you. Yes, indeed. He just because he loves monk and he loves Mrs Mazel He wants to know if there's any. You'd think he'd let me try out for the team. Just like you know what Tony I think-i would be academically eligible it sounds like. You are. attacked. Good. I appreciate you calling in but I don't want to you know dashing hopes or dreams. Relate. He wants to know is there a through line between those characters? Any similarity of of Abe? Weisman monk. At all what do you think through line? I don't know I, don't really see them as as kind of. Being parallel okay. Characters, I approach them differently possibly the creators the writers see some parallels and they try to exploit that but. I try to. I try to keep my. You know when I'm when I'm when I'm working on a when I'm when I'm? Doing those scenes I'm I- monk is pretty far away from my my thought to mean, okay and you have to remember when we finish among people still watch monk I I suppose reruns and fourth. But you know we. We wrap that show up eleven years ago so. Yeah, it's it's been a long time. So is there is there either one that's closest to you? Is there a little piece you which one? Which one are you more like? Real World Tony You Know I. Think you know. As a was A. Math Professor at Columbia does that that right there? That's that puts. An enormous. Amount. Math was not my stroke. But But I guess I guess I there is a lot of because I'm the father of two daughters around the age of they don't know. Mazel you know. There is something there to for me to draw from but I guess I guess you could say you know monk. Among. I became monk and Mike became me I think you could. Safely. And again the the way that you play the father just to bring up I don't WanNA spoil too much if there's not any anybody who has yet to to to start down this path and if they haven't I'm jealous that everything's going to be new to them but the moment where your character Abe does go to see. midge performed. Well. He's out of places not expecting to see her but you Karagwe blocks out on stage right to that that you go and you see her for the first time and she sees you and you know neither of you expected it. Is Really I. I kinda got emotional about it. You know. because. You. Know father normally would be proud of anything daughter does and vice in a daughter wants to make you know her dad. Happy with what she does and you know we're all hoping that that all does wind up in that spot eventually. But for that to happen that way, it was really moving in you. You've played it. So perfectly, it was so great. I just wanted to thank you. You know I that that's really kind of tribute to help brilliantly Rachel, Brosnahan who plays Mitch so How how? To handle the playing of seeing it, I told this to her to after that day of filming. I think you know acting students for years to come will study that per-performance in that scene because it's so complicated. It's so sort of tricky and complex she's playing. Clean three or four five different things at once. And and I just it was it was fascinating to be to be with her first of all. You know as character discovering this whole thing he had no idea about. His daughter was doing. But just for one actor watching another actor. boy that was I didn't I didn't really have to do much 'cause it was it was mesmerizing and. Can Riveting. In a way that he, you know you don't often experience. Well Tony it's great I I truly love the show. And I, you know I'm a huge fan of it and yours and as the packer fans you know it's difficult to defend the title of Good Luck with that with with. With. The outstanding supporting actor in a comedy series Emmy deserved last years and I wish you nothing but more success in and congrats on being part of something special like this show. Well, much appreciate. You Bet let's let's do this more often. Let's let's check lease this John Deere see at Lambeau snacks. You got it. We'll do that. Thanks for the call you got Tony Shalhoub. The Emmy Award winning actor Amazon Prime. Video is the Marvelous Mrs Mazel and because we're beginning to.

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