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Jason Williams in the chair for Jerry Jeff Walker tonight insuring for him tonight if that name doesn't sound familiar well this is my first time to fly solo near you may have heard me quite a bit as a guest on Willie with Willie Scott Sloan Eddie in rocky my day job I am a political columnist at Cincinnati Enquirer since I dot com little bit about me is that that's my day job I'm also I also co host a podcast with our inquire city hall reporter Sherrin Coolidge called that so Cincinnati which shameless plug is available in the I heart radio app and I'm excited about being here tonight so hang with me as I my first time flying solo as I said I'm excited this was the the the dream come true to just fill in on this on this radio show which my mom listened to in this very hour when I was a kid growing up when Willie was on this night at midnight slot so it's quite an honor to be here in the seat hopefully I've got an exciting show for you tonight out of the gate here I've got my my boss my real boss in my day job burl love executive editor of this insane choir at is come in we're gonna talk about here in the in the first segment talk about the top political stories of twenty nineteen girls gonna stick around we're gonna talk about the topic of of of local journalism and why it matters as we come into twenty twenty in a critical election year and the cuff cath incident or whatever you call it the issue whatever was is that the anniversary of that is coming up here early January so wanna get Berle's take on the importance of local journalism in sort of the the the state of it was as we head into a really big year coming up in the in the second hour I have Nick slug me make sure I get I get this right next US growth who is that with the Cincinnati chamber he is put together a really cool idea about trying to bring in in B. A. G. league team to town also I have the Athens mayor Steve Patterson coming up later in the show to talk about Joe burrow in Jonesborough media I know we have it here in Cincinnati with him potentially being the bangles someone pick thought I give the mayor of Athens a call and see see what he has to say about how Athens is responded to Joe Joe burrow in his speech about raising awareness for poverty in the southeast Ohio area and in in the last in the last say minimum bring on my good friend mark shell news covers the rest room I'll be dot com.

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