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Eight hundred flowers dot com. Click the radio icon. Enter Code Dan for all the latest headlines and information tune into sports center on. ESPN radio all throughout the day. Put It on the poll. Guillermo please would you recognize Christian McCaffrey by justice face because he looks like he's fourteen years old. I'm looking at them here and I'm like why. WHY IS BOOGER McFarland? Talking to a fourteen year old on the set of I take downstairs. Kenny Chesney without With us you should check out his latest album songs for the saints. And if you want tour dates you go to Kenny. CHESNEY DOT COM Kenny. Thank you for joining us. I'd like you to take Take us back and sort of paint a picture for where your life was before for the success when you were being paid and enchiladas well. I went to school at East Tennessee State University in Johnson City and played a Mexican restaurant draw three nights a week and I just played for tips. You know I was playing some songs that I had written in my apartment that nobody wanted to hear and then songs but my heroes heroes and I would get paid whatever tips I made and all the docket eat a pretty good for a college student at the time and so what kind of tips are we talking about there when you say on the on the best and the worst nights what are you bringing home the worst nights would-be about twenty bucks. The best night's would be a couple of hundred and so how what happens happens next like one of the things that need to happen for Kenny. Chesney what happens next is I graduated East Tennessee state and then I'm mood moved to Nashville to be a songwriter. And it just went from there I was I. I always knew I wanted to do what I'm doing now but I it might take a while but I was I was engulfed in creating engulfing songwriting and that's where all this started. And then I went on the road in nineteen ninety-three and I'm still just kind of you know people ask me all the time for you. Know can you give me some advice on how to make it in the back of my brain. I'm going and they're never gonNA make it because you don't do it. Make it you do it just because that's what you do. And so that's that's the best way I can explain rapid assery down along the way right there has to be some. There's no I'm not saying it was all good moments because there was a lot look planned the places that we play now we were very blessed and fortunate. You know but but it hasn't always been this way we walk. We opened the tour this year at the Dallas Cowboys Football Stadium. We close it in Foxborough the Patriots Stadium Stadium. And so but I promise you guys. It hasn't always. We have always been and been in a place in our life to go play these places Kenny. I read here. We all love food food as you can tell from the display here on the table you have. What is your guilty food pleasure? Because I think it's going to the delight most of the guys back in our studio. Well I I love you know. I'm an emotional eater right so but I love. I love Italian I love I love Italy. I love red wine. I Love I but I don't get to you love Pasta when I'm training and go on the road so when I'm off the road I I eat a lot of carbohydrates grilled cheeses man. Why do real cheese two I love it right. Hundred percent one is go ahead. Make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich for us. help us out the perfect grilled cheese sandwich. I don't know it's gotta be Texas Toast Right and always helps one hundred percent and you know a couple of different kinds of cheese and I always like to put some Apollo Pianos in there. At All Y.. Yeah I love everything spicy. Kenny Chesney with us again. His latest album songs for the Saints Aints is available. And if you want tour dates you go to Kenny. Chesney Dot Com explained to me. How much of your roots is tied up? How much of your roots are tied up in the idea that you give a lot of your money away with success to some of the people who wouldn't normally get money from the star of the shows like I don't want to embarrass you here but you give away a ton of money to the people behind the scene so like explain to me how and why that came to be deep? Well we start. I started this thing every year. I've got I'm out there on the road with a lot of people that work really hard and those no those guys they get there before the ship you know early in the morning and late there late at night and I started this thing called merge lottery and we take one on stadium show a month and I take all the all the merge money that I make that night and what that means is the from the t shirts hats whatever the money we make that night and I give it. We put all the names of everybody that works for me in a Sombrero and I we shake it up and I'll pull a name out of the storm Beryl the hat and I give them all the money we make for murky at night. WHOA so the most that can wait a minute? You're talking about a quarter. Wait a minute you're talking like a quarter million dollars aren't you. That's yeah When we played the the seahawks football stadium one year and yeah the merchant would have been close to that maybe a little over that and the next week we pulled out a name and they got it you know but what they started doing is not taken? The money themselves they they ended up dividing it out throughout the whole crew in the Hauteur You know so I would have grabbed all waste holding onto that one. They spend a lot of money. So is it true that you shower three times a day but you don't like bars of soap. What do I showered shower to get up when I get up I shower and then after I work out before I start my day. Yeah a shower again and then I have to shower before I go to bed. 'cause I I. I'd like to feel cleaning with soap though. Yeah but no soap always had this weird thing about soap. I explain it. You let me ask you a question because I love body wash our talking my language but body wash as as you know. Well you're rich so this is different body washes expensive right so I'll get like a little Roma therapy stress relief body wash going on the upper half of my body because then I could smell it. But then lower-half I used some other other body wash. I have two three body washes that had in the shower and then it also depends obviously like you share a couple of times a day maybe late at night instead of the stress. One lillies the sleep. They get tired and you stop please. You have asked only a couple of questions the entire week of a guest. And you've just ask Kenny Chesney. Hey Give me information about about how you shower. Also I have a follow up question. It's not I convey Sibley how tell me about your show airing habits but then a follow up question it. Billy's defend veg- you're there we're here we're sitting next to Kenny. And he's joining the commerce asset this little long the better as it wasn't really a question kept talking just wanted to tell out of more right into his card Stugatz this libertad show with STU GODS ON ESPN radio bill. Though Booker McFarland the average Did you say American or just person. curses eight times a day. Are you over or under that booger McFarland. I'm under that I. I am under that as well Kenny. Gee How about Kenny G. Booger Yeah Stop the plane. I love the way that Booger McFarland. Just looked at me like what was happening. I also so love the way that Stu gods just said booger as if he were jealous. That booger McFarland is near US near him. Billy also looked up and was made a little insane by the fact that that the the great sent of booger McFarland is a very upset. I mean listen I am sprinting. Back to the studio forget about Mooch. I mean there's a better go back there McFarland slowly just providing background music for all your banter Thank you Kenny. Gee We always appreciate that report ten. Let's do this. Let's do this if you don't mind I want to ask Booger McFarland. Just a couple of questions and so if you would be kind enough to just play some light in the background that might convey the right mood we would appreciate it and then I'll get back to you in a couple of minutes. It's if you don't mind so booger this season. What did you learn? What did you learn about the job that you didn't probably the speed at which the game moves and like that was not.

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