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There was the green man, the glowing ghost of a man who was electrocuted in the area and continued to haunt the grounds, all these stories me, for Halloween, Tales and urban legends. But Tragically, Shannon would now be added to the law of Zombie land because on Wednesday afternoon, the body of twelve year old Shannon Lico was found. Saw It on the news. It was a news story about a girl young girl who was missing and they found remains at just like super young and I was like what? I saw. I saw the snippet of news and I thought God I need to find out what happened. When police arrived at Zombie land what they found was something right out of a horror movie. Shannon's body was lying face down near an abandoned railroad line. She had many visible sharp force injuries she'd been stopped and it seemed as though her killer or killers had tried to conceal their crime by attempting to burn Shannon's remains. The investigation into the disappearance of Shannon Lee costs had now switched gears. Shannon had been murdered in brutally at that and who could be responsible for something. So horrific. Shannon's face was all over news. TV segments and newspapers and police hope that tips would start pouring in. Police processed the scene hoping that some physical evidence was left behind. That could point to a possible suspect in this case. An autopsy was conducted and it was revealed that Shannon had been stabbed forty times in the neck and torso, and the police believe a large knife had been the murder weapon. And based on the level of decomposition believe that she had been killed somewhere between forty and seventy two hours before she was found. And like we said. Of Her body had been burned. The community was reeling from the news of Shen's death. But no one was more devastated than her family. and. They made the following statement to the media. And here's what they said. Quote Shannon was bright artistic girl whose life became troubled within the past year. For reasons, we are still struggling to understand. We made many attempts in cooperation with her school through counseling to help her. Little victim blaming and it it feels to me. This is two thousand and it's almost like they were anticipating criticism I. Think it almost is setting up that they believe that Shannon might have. died by suicide. Yeah. Maybe they didn't know yet when they made the statement, the circumstances under which because it just seems defensive something. Exactly. Cases like vests were not common instructors and understandably everyone heard about this was shaken to the core. Who would do this to a twelve year old girl? Detectives were determined to answer that question, and luckily as they hoped, tips did start role in. Someone who had driven by Zombie land area on the night after Shannon. Had disappeared reported seeing a ninety four dodge shadow parked alongside the road not far from where Shannon's body had been found the police went back to Shannon's friends and this time they started to open up about some of Shannon's activities in the weeks prior to her murder. In some of those activities involved a much older boy that Shannon had been seeing a boy named billy Monday. And when we older, we mean significantly older because billy wasn't a boy billy was a man. He was twenty one years old and he had been quote unquote seeing Shannon for about a month and remember Shannon's twelve. So. Billy was a local around town. He was a bit of metal head and he hadn't really done much since high school and obviously police are going to look at this man who was hanging around with twelve year old girl when they found out one detail about him they knew they had to bring him in. But what was that detail? Well, Billy's mom drove in one, thousand, nine, hundred, four, dodge shadow one that matched the description of the one seen near where Shannon's body had been found. So, once his connection was made billy was brought in for questioning obviously, and it wasn't long until two more billy's friends were also brought in to the police department to be interrogated. Their names were Dave Garvey and Perry Riccardi, and both were twenty years old. And then a tale started to unravel back tober fifteenth. All three of them had been arrested for killing twelve year old Shannon. And Billy's Mugshot. He has a thin moustache short spiky hair and a hollow dead look on his face. Davis Mugshot depicts a man with a mustache, a goatee and swept back here. And another glazed look over his face. Both of these guys look literally dead inside and the police believe that Shannon had fallen into a trap set by the man who planned to rape and murder her they said quote we believe that these three guys planned to rape and kill her and that this was a kill for thrill. We believe that sometime between when they picked her up and when she was killed, they decided that they are going to rape and kill her. When LESHICA had heard about the murder of the twelve year old girl she was disturbed. Of course who wouldn't be if you heard of such a horrific crime being committed in your own backyard. But when she found out who was arrested for committing the crime. She was floored I. Really didn't know what happened I. Didn't have I. didn't feel like crying I guess into what was going on then I came more attention when it was like, okay, this remains found the viscount and it's lead. You know the suspects are. These. People I was just like Whoa the they just superior Cardi late. In the Steve Garvey Billy money I just thought they have the wrong person there's no way carry would be involved. LESHICA actually knew all three of these men. In fact, she don't billy Monday since she was Shannon's age. I laced in middle school he was heavy. But he was good friends with. My best friend's over brother, and so he would always be in the neighborhood he a couple of streets down we lived in these apartments. There was also a certain level of distinction with all the families. We kind of what I call one, another boyfriend girlfriend, but it really wasn't. Just the fact that he would come over and I would it's hair or Just hang how like I thought that was being girlfriend but you never like went out on dates. I was way too young to date anyway. Billy. Monday and Dave Garvey best friends. In fact Dave living with billy at the time the murder took place. They were all friends I. Think they were like a little bit of a click and. They were kind of like he outsiders they weren't like Gothic but. The allied heavy metal. They liked university metallica or insane clown, posse year. Dirk music's but..

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