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Thirty-six Todd Jeffries and Don prior this is the Taty Don Shaw. How about that? I don't know. I mean, this is a great time. Maybe you tell me stuff to talk about today, and you could jump in here any time. But this tree house of love at five one two eight three six zero five ninety. Okay. You look a little to shovel this morning. Got new sleep on. You got any of that? What's your what's seriously? What how you to get? No sleep last night. I have not had a good night's sleep in over a month. Right. I cannot tell you. What are you doing about it grown ass, man? What am I doing about it? Yeah. Get no sleep. That's what I'm doing. Yeah. What's the what's the deal, you need some medication? What you need to do. Let me tell you what you need to do you need to be ready for anything today. Because I don't know what's going to come out of my mouth. I have no idea. Dr. Right. So get ready. All right. Calm down. What you need to do down. France. Five thirty seven here, we begin with some of the top stories the US Senate is working together. Now, rare bipartisan effort to figure out that'll handle the Saudi Arabia following this death of a US reported Jamila Khashoggi, senators agree, something must be done. In are waiting for the president's decision. Trump has said he doesn't want to to disrupt the current relationship between the United States and Saudi Arabia, including selling arms to that country. Here are some of the highlights the latest on the store. It's a rare display of bipartisanship in the Senate often at odds with itself, especially following the recent contentious confirmation process for now supreme court Justice, Brad Kavanagh democrat, Chris coons says President Trump must take a firm stand over the disappearance of possible death of US based journalist Jamal Khashoggi. If he's waiting for the outcome of the investigation, that's fine. But as soon as there is credible intelligence, which frankly, I've reason to believe there already is that the Saudis Hattie strong hand in this matter that he needs to begin assembling an international coalition to react. Examine our relationship with the Saudi kingdom Republican Ben says says the American people want answers and a third party independent investigation is needed. I think we're going to need an international investigation to get to the bottom of this the American people and the people in the region and need to have some understanding of facts that can be shared, and if that investigation shows Saudi Arabia was behind the possible murder of kashogi inside its consulate in Turkey. Senator coons says there must be serious consequences including sanctions, but that's not all we also should be looking closely at the next round of Saudi arms deals. Senator says offers this insight about why arm sales to Saudi Arabia are so important. The US is not selling arms because we're primarily interested in the economic consequences of those transactions the US uses arm sales as a tool of advancing US, and we believe global interests over time. President Trump has shown a reluctance to put arm sales on the table. But there are other things Senator say that the US can do to send a strong message to south. Saudi Arabia senators point out, for example, the Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin should not attend an upcoming economic summit in the Saudi kingdom called Davos in the desert, a number of high profile business executives have already pulled out of the conference because of the situation. President Trump is expected to make a decision by week's end about whether Mnuchin will attempt in the meantime, while senators ponder, what may have happened to Jamaica should G and what to do about it Republican John Kennedy says he has no doubts something happened to him. And I don't think he fell through a hole in the fabric of the universe. I think I think he was murdered. I think the Saudis are acting like certainly acting like they did it. Linda Kenyon, Washington. It is five thirty nine here on the Don show. We have ongoing coverage on that story in the front page of our website at NewsRadio KLBJ dot com. Something's going to happen. Well, it's never happened before. But the lower Colorado river thirty will likely open eight split gates at Mansfield dam above lake Austin by noon today. Yeah. So there's a few things you should exp. Effect. I can't remember the last time I've seen late Travis. This above seven hundred feet when eight gates open fifty thousand cubic feet of water per second will flow from the dam that will cost him streets downtown to flood that according to Karl MacArthur of Austin's watershed protection apartment. He says we could definitely have to close Cesar Chavez in the vicinity of Lamar crossing. He said at Longhorn dam. You would have the flow over the emergency spillway, the emergency spillway at pleasant valley road would probably have to close that road as well. Some flooding and parks as well. Expect serious, flooding and parks all along the lake and mccarthur says that with eight gates open that you can expect to see something like the photo of the statue of the Stevie Ray Vaughan. Flood and auditorium shores, but water was up to your waist. Yeah. Basically you can years ago, you can expect everything from the Highland lakes all the way down to the Gulf of Mexico to be above its banks. Now, they're saying they also say there will be some minimal structural damage. Probably one thing MacArthur doesn't expect to open the gates at a cost flooding a major structures along the way along the river. Of course, there could be some damage, you know, with weather reports in the forecast, I always whenever they do this and it closed down, Cesar Chavez, always worry about the the animal shelter right there right there on Cesar Chavez, it's a low point in in L net street right there, and I would hope by now somebody's gotten word to them that they're going to be okay. I would hope. Yeah. I some animals have been moved by now..

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