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Lou knows what's going on with this gentleman after what we saw on Thanksgiving. I'm being sports. L. W. Fusion. And we welcome in for a second time here in studio. Tom All the time are you today. I'm doing great. Although you introduced Jake Afa to as the champion champion. You should be introducing me as the champion Unfortunately his cohorts in Contra had something to say about that in the past. So I'll I'll let that slide but I appreciate you welcoming welcoming I know and I do want to get into this. Because let's just what's this look back at. What took place place on Thanksgiving and Tommy? You know it's Thanksgiving. I've decided to make it a new tradition to watch. MSW wrestling on Thanksgiving. I'm not watching the NFL anymore. And and you know the families around. I'm watching it and the show ends and you hear you know Tom or say fuck. Contra fucked Devante Eric's so where does your legion dryer do. Do you have any allegiance at all. I'm pretty sure my allegiance lies with myself. Okay I haven't changed as a person over time I'm just you know letting people see what the Eric's are all about. And if you've done your research over the past thirty plus years in the sport you know when it comes down to the von Erich. It's all about them them and they made w all about themselves. They made my fight with the Contra unit about themselves about bringing it back to Dallas and get done in front of their family. But what about me you know. I'm the one that brought them in here. I gave them the opportunity to do all that. And I just got thrown by the wayside so I'm not not changing. There's no change in me. I'm still the same person. I'm just enlightening. Everybody else as to how Eric's truly are you know why he has this attitude the two because he's a real deal fighter and he has a competitive edge and yes betting upon yourself like he does he also. He's one of these rare hybrid rid athletes that comes from the world and has now been successful In Our world I got a question for you. The it was weird weird to me. Maybe you can enlighten us enlighten nation because we got so many people hitting us up on social media There was a statement that you are no longer with m. l. w. you and then like a week later you'd resign when Mo.. W is this like per what was going on in your head or like what's going on with your actions now Alec How you're basically bet upon yourself There's a lot of things that when into the process of I guess now resigning with 'em all W W. It it's been going on for months and months and months and as everybody knows there's there's other opportunities in the professional wrestling world And not only that but there's other options and opportunities. I have outside of the professional wrestling world. Whether it's in a mixed martial arts or commentary or you know I've been a big supporter of going to military bases overseas And training with troops and stuff like that and Emily W is really the place where I can continue to you have outside personal interests and also be involved in professional wrestling at the highest level that I can possibly be at and Emel wsa place to do that so there was a time time. Where in my head? I thought you know this is either gonNA move on from wrestling or I'll go somewhere else But after talking core after sitting down and come to an agreement Like I said it took months. It wasn't like this was all a one day process along thing and You know timing timing is everything and it was the perfect time for me to resign with Mel. W that's great. I mean I tell people everywhere I work if it's eighty w impact wrestler even even when I'm friends record I've worked M W you can use this company like a company will use you and they're going to get the most data view so make the most out of it or make it your home and if you make it your home then you're going to work even harder to make it better. An MSW is for wrestler. It's great that we had these options. And you know for for M. L. W. They're providing quality entertainment quality matches You know and it's also what the quality of the the people that they're working with. I mean yourself Jacob. The list goes on non of really really good athletes with not great wrestling storylines and and I'm happy that you made that decision. You're decided to make it that your home and because is also as you know. Now it's a business because I met you a long time ago Where you you Kinda knew and green into the business but you realize that it is a business and that you're making l. w. home and you're going to be the face of the company that's a great decision for you and for L. W. Fans? Yeah it's been it's been two years now I don't know if it's like two years exactly but about two years that I've been with MSW and you know when. I sat down and looked at the lay of the land. And you know obviously there w which has been around forever impacts on the rise with the deal with access a w obviously When I looked with everything there was still a lot of stuff I wanted to do in L. W. and You know sound like I'm putting a time stamp on that Miam- getting older so that's really the only time stamp the one I can put on myself but You know I I see myself with emo W for you know for as long futures I can see in the sport so You know oh I'm like I said I'm very happy that we came to an agreement. That's awesome now here in New York City as we talked about with Jake to M. L. W. Two thousand nine hundred Opera Opera Cup is taking place tomorrow night at the mellows ballroom in New York City. Now obviously thanksgiving. He took a chair to Ross. Fine Eric You're so you don't know exactly who you're going to wrestle tomorrow night but you know it's going to be a member of the von Erich family is there a preference. I don't care the von Eric Family. Every single one of them probably deserves what they're going to get in the future Ross Ross Marshall. Whoever I don't I don't care you can dig up any von Erich you can go find him out on the ranch In Hawaii you go go find a long lost inbred cousin in Texas. Do whatever you want. Okay I just want to get my hands. On one of those family members you do understand though like the von Erich family is like the biggest family in the history of pro wrestling. There's tradition there. I mean I grew up myself. What about what about George Hacking Schmidt? Schmidt I I get that with the von add sentelle. The von Eric's guy using a claw guys guys mccaw ripping limbs apart tariff over. All you got so much colleague flow. Yeah they're going to be do me a favor. That's that's like a twenty thousand dollar procedure that would have to pay to get tickets. You do know by saying this about the von Erich you're now going to be the most hated man in m. l. w. you my twitter and social media my emails seriously since I hit Ross with a chair and blown up with threats People send death death threats. They threatened my family. It is amazing at all of the I'M GONNA try to use a an a new term stands out there. The von Erich stands hands. So maybe maybe I'll fight. Stand on Eric Tomorrow. I don't know there's Tommy I mean obviously we're around the same age you grew up watching the von Air. 'cause I I mean here we are. We have Tom Lawlor in front of us. But if he's facing von Erich and he is he's going to face a member of the von Erich family tomorrow night in Queens New York at the melrose. Our was ballroom. I mean you can be rooting for the von Erich. So you not well. It is in Queens New York They'll be rooting for whoever they feel is the better later in ring performer. And if this was Texas yes you're going to go all all von Erich. But you know Tom. I'm show a different side of himself. He's showing more aggressive. Side is looking to me reminds me a bit of a stone cold dish where he don't really give a crap about anyone but himself hope so. Why not and that was a major statement that you made at the end of that show because we had Jacob too and he thought for a second? Hey did that because maybe you want to be a part of Contra but but obviously what your statements after that. You don't care about country you don't care about the von Erich you don't care about anybody do care about myself you know. Tommy said I want to say I don't care about anybody. I certainly care about myself but nobody else really takes the time to care about me. So why should I care about them. I mean I could run down in a laundry list of things I mean. If you WANNA pull up the video from wargames or though the war chamber citizen game to me The War Chamber you. You could see still shots frame by frame me down on the Mat. My face covered in Miss. I had been moon salted on super kicked beaten in up. I'm laying there. And what are the Eric's do they bring their dad into the cage. He walks right over me. Walks right over the top of me as I'm laying there. Are you kidding me well right barefoot and didn't want to step back. Yeah that's a good point sir. You still feel disrespected. I don't feel disrespected. I was disrespected. There's one person that was in that cage that may have have taken taking a look at me and may have noticed what was going on and it wasn't the von Erich it was it was low key. It was the smartest guy out of the three. That were in. There certainly wasn't a Ross or Marshall Partial. They were up there celebrating. While I'm sitting there her. Okay I'm I'm covering my face in shame as been being up. I don't know what's going on. There's music playing there celebrated on top of the cage. There's there's four there's four posts in that cage four corners four people in the match that won the match each one goes up to hit the corner and celebrate Kevin von Erich up there in the corner instead of me right. I can't even get a spot to stand on and celebrate after the matches over. Now I've I've to stand on the ground while the von Eric's and low key or a higher above above above me. I know I should be at the top of the mountain. Not them pretty good point Tommy. Now if you want to go for heat heat if he attacked Kevin von Erich even in Queens WanNa want to kill him. I bet you but but and Tom you know this. Because you've you've wrestled get on a plane that might be true or less yet the compression Russian stocks on But seriously you've you've wrestled in front of his New York crowd before and as Tom said the crowd is a bit different than anywhere else in the country. Is there a preference of crowd that you like to wrestle in front of. Is there a certain place you love to be a part of. I really liked this New York crowd at the Melrose Ballroom Room One of the biggest matches that I've had was the MLB battle riot a few years ago and it was in that place. And I was in there for fifty minutes..

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