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Spotlight my name is hannah league and president of hyundai communications an award winning public relations agency in new york city. And i'm michael an stanbic editor in chief handley communications and a food beverage writer as journalist. Myself and hanner is a pr professional. We understand the power of media coverage in its impact on someone's career and business that's why we launched our podcast. Help our industry rebuild and rebound by interviewing top journalists share their insights and tips for gaining the media's attention in this episode. we're delighted to chat with amanda schuster. Amanda is a freelance writer with more than fifteen years of experience covering wine spirits cocktails and occasionally things one eats with those libations. A train somali. Hr in buse writer. Her work appears in forbes. Imbibe magazine seven fifty daily and other top outlets. She's also the author of the book new york hotels. Hi amanda thanks for joining us today. So great to see you know. Be at virtually user me so you've had a fascinating career getting your star on the wind side of the beverage seen You are small. Ea and buyer for astor wines and spirits and morale. So how did you transition to become an accomplished cocktail and spirits writer and author. It's interesting because that happened. During the last major crisis in our lives that big financial crisis when i was working for morale i i actually think we saw everyone at lehman brothers getting fired in their cafeteria from our office window and i knew that something big was about to happen. Obviously with everybody hugging and crying and that and that that was going to mean a big change in the way we did business in the wine and spirits community and it was and But that effectively ended my career on the retail side Which is fine. Because i was ready. I you know. I was getting older and it was. It was a lot of hard work that i was physically able to do anymore. So and i always been a writer. And i'd been sort of discovered a little bit from the from. The shelf talkers. That i wrote for astor. Believe it or not that actually started my first my first published article in a whisky magazine and it just kind of i crawled my way up from. There was a very hard struggle because that was a time when you know just as people who had been successful lawyers or accessible successful accountants or or people working in finance where changing what they wanted to do or just deciding that life wasn't worth that kind of job and they wanted to do something that was a lot more enjoyable to them and started like craft distilleries or or you know were opened restaurants and bars in and that sort of thing You saw the start of all of these wind blogs and all of these spirits logs right. That's really like to two thousand nine hundred thousand times when that happened. So i kind of got got into that slipstream. And actually i remember. Meeting you at dea tells cocktail at a tasting room and soon stand we developed our friendship and and is so wonderful to now get you know you and so you know seeing you You not becoming such a great writer in our industry and as a writer What has been most challenging for you. during this pandemic deciding a good tone really setting setting a good town and do people are people. Tired of of you know really serious articles about an about being shown. What's the the decay of of the industry or do they do. They need something a little fluffier. do they need. They need to to be transported to a different place. Is it okay not to write about something if it's too hard and just general writer's block these these are all things that that those of us in my position are really dealing with this. Is you know what stands to each hagen and do we have to take a stance can we. Can we keep doing what we were doing is it. Is it relevant but then despite the challenges even writing a lot for focus and as a fan of the gibson cocktail. I was so delighted to see your story on. Do it yourself cocktail onion. I'm really excited to try making those for for hanoi. And i 'cause we're we're both fans and we. We love our cocktail onions. So you've covered a really wide range of stories and topics especially for forbes most recently how do you come up with these ideas they're really wide ranging and how far in advance do you work right now. I'm thinking about okay. If i'm stuck in lockdown or or i really feel like i need to learn something you know what do i what am i wanna read. What would i want to read. If i did know about it and so i'm actually right now. Trying to channel light on on fun little products like i. I just recently wrote about slow gin. And because the really isn't a whole lot of information about slow jenner people don't really understand what it is or or why it's good and why it can be good Especially here in the states. i mean. obviously it's a really huge product in the uk. But but here. It's not so much but but there are slogans wire their slogans and taste them. you know and i like reading about and and talking about little indigenous grapes that that nobody really gets into that much or or I dunno just stop an interest in. I feel like reading and writing about. Because i haven't yet or i wanna i wanna revisit. That's that's the main. Thank you as stories always educational but also entertaining so incoming munns. What kinds of stories really be working on so that our listeners can potentially pitch you. I'm actually writing something very interesting about green bar. Distillery and los angeles and they not only decided facing the struggles that so many small distilleries have been facing not only to start producing their own ready to drink beverages that using the spirits that they make in house actually invested in an entire canning facility. Cleto that they could yeah so that they means of be making a serious profit from this instead of instead of just coasting along and surviving and i. It got me really interested in these other distilleries..

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