Uncle Henry, Agnes Moorehead, Carol I discussed on WGN Nightside


All right. Carol. What happened? Julie say memory. Okay. You ever? No. No, no, no. He understand living in Israel all time. Carol I was taking care of him. To visit on thing. Here. I kept him out of sight. I didn't wanna kill him and I had to kill cow. Twin too. Perhaps it it's way. Never before. Always take care of. A little while. But then. When I saw him strangle cat, I was getting completely out of hand. Way better all day. Graven roses. Whim. Fail right and his own. And so close the story uncle Henry's rosebush starring Agnes Moorehead Ellen. Drew, Henry nights spent. That is a Spence with uncle Henry's rosebush, June twenty-ninth, nineteen forty three Agnes Moorehead's. Starring that Joseph. Current says the man in black is heard on CBS, let's say a quick break. Then it's more on the WGN radio theater..

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