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Pollino Fox, News I'm, an Keurig, FOX, News Radio Jay. News time eleven, oh to good morning I'm Robert Wood topping Austin's news a, man is suing to Austin police officers in the. City, because he says cops you stun guns on him because he's. Black, it February cops are responding to a reported shooting downtown at twelfth and Red River during that Quentin Perkins claimed officers, Robert Pfaff Donald portrayed is use. Excessive force on him the statesman reports both cops are indicted for using excessive force and other charges but Perkins is suing the city for, racial discrimination saying the officers use the stun gun on him for no reason Eric like NewsRadio KLBJ state, law requires the high schools. Offer voter registration forms, to students, over eighteen twice per school year but the Texas civil rights project James Slattery says that's not happening at most of them not just missing a, chance to make sure that our youngest voters become lifelong voters but a chance to make sure that they are. Fully prepared to be full participate In the democracy that they're a heretic hordes of comedy animation, and video game fans are packing. The Austin convention center it's all for RT x. the Austin based production company rooster teeth slant saying thanks to thousands of dedicated fans last, year they boasted sixty two thousand people from around the world joining them in downtown You're going to Archie x. or not necessarily there for sitting down and trying, new you'll games but they're more they're, like internet, celebrities or it's even knew rooster teeth productions despite. That the indie video game company finches Harris foster hopes. They can still tap that audience cooling, NewsRadio KLBJ KLBJ radar. Weather watch the humidity will be higher today compared to recent days with sunshine and a. Few clouds, the. High ninety four on this Saturday partly cloudy, low, seventy, one, four, tonight from the weather.

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