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This is what would to peter bolger this is what our show sounds like checking the roads right now the edens outbound from the junction to lake cook that's a thirty one minute trip if you're travelling inbound from lake cook fifty five the kennedy outbound from the burn interchange out to the junction at half hour out to o'hare a forty five minute trip o'hare on an an hour fifteen now from the junction to downtown at forty minutes the eisenhower burn interchange out wolf rolled dead thirty five minute trip out a thorn dale that's fifty inbound thorn dale to the burn an hour to wolf on an at forty five stevenson from lakeshore drive out to the tristate thirty six minutes out of the veterans toll that's fifty minute trip inbound for the veterans toll forty six and from the tristate in thirty dan ryan out ninetyfifth thirty five inbound from ninetyfifth a thirty minute trip that's traffic from the premise he'll basement systems traffic center i'm jennifer kesse water cleared off on your health our cup runneth over wls ninety from outside the city with texas isis claims responsibility from outside the state baltimore and we will get better to the states of the world the world is already feeling the tires stories that happened there affect you hear my newsfeed things that are happening in the world around stay connected with live newsfeed at the top and bottom.

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