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Free adjustable base with your 6 99 mattress purchase from a K L I. F Soda Weight Lost news desk. This is real news and information. 5 70 k l I. A cloudy outside 70 degrees With 5. 70 K l I f news and information I'm Chad Dixon for worth. Police are investigating a triple shooting at an apartment complex in west for worth overnight. This is Fort Worth PD spokesman officer Buddy called Zadeh. About 12:15 A.m. R officers were dispatched to the 2900 block of Jonah Drive. When our officers got on scene. They did confirm that there were three fatalities inside this location early on in the investigation, understand that, but it does appear to be domestic related. Meantime, Mike Forbis from our media partner, wf reported the two witnesses say that two Children exited the apartment after hearing seven or eight gunshots. New Census Bureau figures show a major jump and population for Fort Worth between 2019 and 2020. The data released May 27th shows the population of Fort Worth went up 2.1% during that one year period compared with other major U. S. Cities. Fort Worth ranked second for population growth with just under 928,000 people, according to Fort Worth culture map dot com. On Lee Seattle had a bigger population jump during the same time frame with an increase of 2.2%. The larger city means more complex issues dealing with infrastructure and policing, which has been a hot topic among the candidates running for mayor. Mickey Briggs. Kaylie F News news information time is 204. Let's get a look at right now. Traffic Now It's gonna look in your 5 70 Kayla. Half news and information forecast cloudy skies are us the afternoon. Today's in Dallas eastbound 6 35 T II Boulevard have an accident blocking the right lanes. This has traffic jammed all the way from Preston Road. Also seeing a slowdown heading north bound on 75 Central Expressway on the ramp to westbound 6 35. Don't have this wreck in Denton County involving an 18 wheeler north bound I 35 w just before FM 24 49 Vintage Boulevard on Lee. The left Lane is open. It's about a 20 minute delay from FM 407. With Kay Goliath right now. Traffic I'm Dave Allen. Now let's get a look in your 5 70 Kale I, After news and information forecast cloudy skies the rest of the afternoon. Today's high 78 tomorrow Mostly sunny with high of 79. Same goes for Thursday. Mostly sunny highs. 83 right now. 78 DFW Airport. Your next update with Fox News and 30 minutes. Breaking news. 24 7 a Kayla After calm. I'm Jed Dixon on real news and information. 5 70 Kala. Courageous is a word that describes America's veterans. Sadly,.

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