Russian Government, Senate, Sinclair Media discussed on The Nicole Sandler Show


Political parties has all but essentially um forsaken uh it's allegiance to the country to this country it's it's become you know essentially a toll the russian government whether it's done so willingly or not and they clearly have no interest and national security they have no real allegiance to the religious values they claim that they've always had a spouse and it is upsetting to see that a roughly thirty five percent of americans a large portion of white americans is okay with us uh that's the part that worries me i'm not sure how you can get you can you can win an election we could win the house and potentially win the senate back but i'm not sure what you do on such a large minority of the country has become so on moored from democratic tradition that's hard to claw back from uh into your earlier point about you know sinclair media and the the murdoch um empire lake who's going to be very difficult uh to to to repair or even even if we manage to win some elections i agree i think where you know it's just scary times now but um as they say things are going to get worse before they get better i am afraid uh we're in for some rough years ahead uh i i'm sure you would like every member of congress especially the republicans to read the book it's called building the great society inside linden johnson's white house by joshua sites it's just out uh as of this tuesday so once again congratulations thank you so much for your time today really appreciate all they thank you i enjoyed our composition and thanks for in vitamin as did i my pleasure thanks again have a great weekend.

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