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T. Y.. Hilton Marlin Mac Eric Hebron is just the red zone touchdown machine that he is adding Paris Hick near Paris Campbell to the drafts <hes> bringing in Devin funchess who have nothing else will be another big body to throw in the red zone. He was thrown to nobody's last year outside of T. Y.. Hilton so the Andrew Luck stock could be on the rise this year. Pat Mahomes numbers might come down just a little bit even with tyreek Hill in the fold <hes> so I I am kind of coming around. I agree with you there. In Tier One Andrew Lakhpat mahomes anything you want to add to that I love them. I love them both and has a lot to do with I had a little bit more more say in some of these tears than in previous ones and I think intellect deserves to be in the same tier just because what we saw from Pat Mahomes you know was a phenomenal season but not repeatable now pantyhose and still likely in the top three top four wide receiver as you mention even if you project PAT mahomes go down a solid ten touchdowns isn't me a top three wide receiver time I know he's I know he's good but I personal top appear quarterback who knows with his talent but he's likely going to be in the same range in terms of touchdowns if he just has a normal regression to wear Andrew Luck was Russia which is forty touchdowns ounce. Angela did throw a ton six hundred and thirty nine times last year. I don't know if you'll keep that up. They're still going to be a very you know. Pass heavy offense that might come down a little bit but more or less Angela was a piece. His Office of line is is just WanNa talk to you units in the entire league. He's got a running game his more weapons. I mean there's not too many offenses that you like more than the Indianapolis Colts at this point. No I agree and hey if you're if you're Pamela homes and aiding crazy happens with tyreek hill and you have Sammy Walk Ins. Who might you know get injured like he does every single year and your option is thrown to Damarcus Robinson or just throwing the ball to yourself alf he might be a top fifteen wide receiver relax relax all right here too and this is where we we got we got we got a curb or throwing in here to coming out guns blazing already uh-huh we have Aaron Rodgers Shawn Watson which should surprise nobody studs but a player that we add it to our tier two which I'm assuming we have him a lot higher than just about everybody else's Carson Wentz yeah so I think the first two quarterbacks are obviously you know rounding out the top consensus for Shawn Watson doing a lot with his legs? Aaron Rodgers definitely a lot of a bit more unknown <unk> but they keep adding weapons kind of around hymns in terms of some of these younger receivers now they're going into his second or third third season in the new head coach. You know can't do any worse than what Mike McCarthy was doing there. I take their defense of while some people are always believing that the the packers defensive going to play better. I just I can never get there just until I see it happen. There's still going to be a pass heavy offense and Carson Wentz. I mean top about the amount of weapons this guy is going to have. I don't think this is going to be a great fantasy situation for any position outside of Q._B.. But having Earth's I mean outside of maybe Earth's being consistent but they add in the Sean Jackson they add in J._J...

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