Texas, FBI, North Texas discussed on Mark Levin


State have died of Cove it. California has been making efforts to increase vaccinations, using theme parks and sports stadiums to get more people in for the shots. Rapid rise of infections have stretched hospitals to the limit. More infections are expected as diagnoses resulting from holiday travel have yet to be seen in the statistics. GURNAL Scott Fox News governor, Abbott is expected to give an update on Texas's response. Do you covet 19? Tomorrow afternoon, The governor plans to hold a round table discussion with doctors at Houston Methodist Hospital. He's expected to touch on his legislative priorities for ensuring a healthier future for the state. Having a rabbit also expected to give an update on Kobe 19 vaccination efforts. The briefing comes is Texas leads the country in the number of residents vaccinated, but many suburban and rural counties left without vaccine doses as the state and country experience more demand than supply. Clayton Nevil, WB AP News Wily Man is facing federal charges for his alleged involvement in this month's deadly breach of the U. S. Capitol. According to a federal affidavit guy, ref it Ask his family members not to tell anyone. He was at the Capitol ride and told him that traders get shot. FBI Dallas Special agent in charge Matthew Dishonor says the number of tips have led to several arrests in North Texas tipsters have turned in their friends, neighbors and relatives. All increasingly radicalized. Bye, Inflammatory rhetoric ref. It is charged with obstruction and knowingly entering a restricted building. Texas business closing numbers on Wall Street, The Dow off 1 77 NASDAQ Down by 1 14 and the S and P $500 off by 27 right now. 61 degrees and Fort Worth from the W B, A P News desk and Mickey Briggs You're Next. Updated. 7 30 24 7 coverage. Wb ap dot com. The more people who in the riot at the Capitol are being arrested in North Texas by the FBI. The latest, a whack job real Toronto Frisco, who seems to be blaming the president for what she did and now asked him for a party that plus all the craziness out of Washington Tonight at eight on the crisscross show on Lian W..

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