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At Masirah home. Staging specializes in vacant home. Staging creating lifestyle environments with a competitive advantage. I don't know about you, but I had never heard of home staging before I met Kendra, and I was really fascinated by this whole industry and her journey, she's originally from starkville, Mississippi and graduated from the university of Memphis and then went onto graduate with a master's of science in merchandising, from the university of North Texas. She began her career at a home furnishings company in the Dallas Fort Worth area as a visual merchandiser, and product developer. And then she quit her job on a whim in July twenty sixteen and has been an entrepreneur ever since starting her own home. Mm. Staging business when she's not running atmosphere comb. Staging Kendra is a freelance visual merchandiser, and an adjunct professor in the college of merchandising hospitality and tourism at the university of North Texas. So wanted to pop on just let you know that they're a little bit of sound issues and clicks that you'll hear this episode. But I thought the conversation was so rich that I just decided to publish to episode anyway. But bear with me as these things do happen. But Kendra journey is one. I think you will find fascinating. So let's get right into it. Welcome to the guest chair. Kendra. I thank you so much for having me. Thank you for being here. So from the moment I heard about you and your business. I had to have you in the chair because first of all, I'm like, what is home? Staging see a love finding out about whole new career path and businesses. And to think you have such an interesting story. First of all, what was it like growing up in Mississippi yet? So I'm originally from starkville Mississippi. It's a very country, small town. It's a college town. So for me, it's home. I love being there restful as peaceful the food is amazing but grew up with my mom and dad have one sister, and everyone in Mississippi, but for me, I just always wanted to, like, get out and see what the world had to offer. So I love ban from Mississippi. It's still home for me. But others just always curious to see what else did the world have to offer outside Mississippi. So what made you decide to study at the university of Memphis? What did you study there in undergrad? So I was originally interested in interior design. So that was the only career path that I really knew that involved like furniture and home furnishings, because I've always loved home furnishings. So after I applied to a couple schools, then I received a full ride scholarship, and it was actually the gates millennium Sochaux by Bill Gates allow after I received that scholarship. I kinda had the freedom to go anywhere. And the university of. I was one of the schools that had applied to simply because they had a merchandising in home furnishings program. So that's kind of why chose university of Memphis, simply for the program. So I studied merchandising in home furnishings. They're a what was the initial career path that you wanted once you were in the program, where you still focused on interior design. No, once I was in the program, I was kinda focused less on tier designer just more about the process of home furnishings in general end. So what I was graduating from university of Memphis, I laughing latoya my professor that didn't wanna work. Can she looked at me? And she laughed back. Like, I know you're gonna be like a lifelong student, so after I graduated I was kinda leg. I think I wanna go to grad school. I'm gonna weighed, you know, working for awhile. Learning and just wanted to be in college forever, because it was actually fun for me. So after the university of Memphis, I decided to attend the university of Texas, I spent that summer in Memphis actually end in July. I moved to Texas in August. I started there at the university of North Texas. I completed that degree in two years. But while I was actually there as started teaching in the department. So I was studying merchandising once again at North Texas. And I was doing a lot of research, also teaching on the department and after I graduated from university of North Texas a week later when I actually started my career in Dallas in home furnishings. So I guess I never really had a clear career path. Honestly. I only work for two years before I became an entrepreneur and.

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