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In the basement until police knocked on his door. Quote the information has obviously been shared with us and our investigators are looking into him. Said carol county sheriff. Tobe lesin be. He did not elaborate on any details about the investigation into chadwell. Indiana state police sergeant. Jeremy peers said they do not comment on whom detectives might be investigating but noted that the state police works collaboratively with agencies the district which we know to be true specifically here captain in the delphi. Double murders investigation. That's ongoing been going on way too long. We all thought we would catch bridge guy. Within weeks of the case and here we sit over four years later we know that the carroll county sheriff's department is working the case we know that the delphi city police are assisting carroll county sheriff's office and we also know the indiana state police who have really been at the kind of the front line of this at least from a media and press perspective there working the case and we also have the federal bureau of investigation the f. to the b. to the i working the investigation as well. Well what's really fascinate here with james. Brian chadwell is. He's really the first person of interest or suspect in quotation marks to hit beyond the regional or local level and actually get talked about and national media sense daniel nations or are we just so starved for information or starved for a real viable suspect. At this point that we're pushing it. You know out of proportion here possibly prosecutors have charged chadwell with attempted. Murder child molesting attempted child molesting kidnapping criminal confinement battery resulting in serious bodily injury and strangulation. They also filed a sentence enhancing charge of being an offender. Which if guilty could add between six and twenty years to chadwell sentence. Look this guy. Regardless if he's bridge guy or in any way involved in the delphi case this guy is is one bad dude one dude that needs to be off the streets and who knows what he would have done to this victim if police had hip to him being the possible suspect here while he's a giant bag of shit is what he is. But it's fascinating to me that that they went around looking. It doesn't seem like he's a direct neighbour of her but in the neighborhood and at some point they knock on his door. He answers he tells police. Oh yeah. I saw her earlier right. But she's not here and that kinda makes them question as they're going back and searching different areas they go. Let's go back to that guy. 'cause he's now the only person i believe in that area that said sal her during this time period so then when they go back think about this from law enforcement standpoint you go back and this guy let you into the house and as you're walking around you see chains around the door or or some kind of locked system around the the the basement door and you're going to go okay. Well now we need to go down there when you know But he'd let some in as far as their records show he goes. Oh yeah yeah go down to the basement. Search a almost like he knew he was caught and he might as well just give in. But could you imagine what's going through law enforcement's head at the time on on what they're going to see and probably what they did see is still hard for them to believe right. No i i guarantee it's it's shocking even to these officers who've seen a lot and you've you try to put yourself in that mindset in the way that i think of this here captain as this whole thing going down and often it is in fact like a neighbor or somebody living in the neighborhood especially when you see someone around this age where our victim is in that age of the six to twelve year old range and and i never am surprised anymore. I hit me early in my teens. When you'd see this stuff on on news coverage we're looking for so and so you know. Police in and kansas city are looking for nine year. Old police in orlando florida are looking for an eleven year old child. That was last seen in their neighborhood or or was presumed to have got off the bus that day but never came home and it's usually rather quick that they make the connection and find that the perpetrator was in fact living in that neighborhood so much so that now. When i see the news break on a child missing of that age my mind immediately goes to while. I hope that they're calming this neighborhood very well. It often ends up being someone in that neighborhood and we know the statistics tell us that specifically with these child cases the in the younger victims that once they are abducted a lot of times. They're not going to be returned and it's rather quickly that they become they go from being abduction victim to murder victim. But i think that's what would have happened here. Law enforcement didn't go back and question james. Brian chadwell the second time. So with chad well. I wonder a couple things here. They're going around there. Obviously canvassing the the the neighborhood there knocking on doors and you know. Some people are a little sensitive to some of the questions that might be out there in regards to how police and how detectives might conduct. They're they're questioning even if it's in a casual manner searching for answers in whatever case it it is. I know in particular with the west memphis three case. There are people that are sensitive and don't like the nine questions at the fbi put together for the detectives to ask members of those that area. Down there in west memphis but these questions are put together in this way to really help the officers being a beat cop or a season detective. Really give them a nice gauge on the honesty level. How quickly do we prioritize this person as a possible lead in our case. Or how quickly can we de prioritize them put them lower on the list because especially in this case with this young girl. She's missing we. We're not even to the point of worried about who did this. We're not even worried about convicting someone of of ducting this little girl. Our whole thought is find her brain. Find her maker safe as soon as possible. So you see that they crafted questions. The fbi four investigators in west memphis. I wonder here captain if we have a similar situation officers going around and you know. Do knocking on doors people answering the doors. You're asking very quick questions. Have you seen along a little girl. That's going to be your. You're very quick. Your i go to your second question and in chadwell case. This is what i think they did. I think they you throw out a question that you can kind of. Have the needle point to is he. Guilty of something is hiding something or this somebody we can quickly move on from and you say something to the effect of okay. Well mr chadwell thank you for your time. Today is there. Why would somebody tell us that. They saw you talking to a little girl earlier today. You're not saying anybody told you that you're not saying that. You saw the the victim in his near his house or near his property. You're saying why would someone just like they asked damien echols. Why would we find your fingerprints at the crime scene. They didn't but he doesn't know that. But you worded in a way that you're not really truly lying to the person you're questioning and this case. I wonder if that's exactly what they did. Because most of the time captain a guilty person somebody was something to hide their immediate knee-jerk reaction is going to be well. I have to explain this away and an innocent manner and then these guys if they believe me well they'll just move onto the next house and so often they'll they'll put themselves at the crime scene. They'll say oh. Well i might have been seen there because i drive by there every day or i might have been seen in this area because i think on that particular day i got lost and turned around and so here. Why would someone tell us that they saw you talking to a little girl. Oh i think she was around here earlier. She came by here earlier budge. I haven't seen her in a while as soon as you hear that. You're going. Oh crap this guy just admitted to us that he has spoke to likely spoke to our victim and we're searching for this girl. Immediate thought get this girl saved. This girl protect this girl this due to. He's got a criminal history. He's got police record a big one. So now you're telling this dude. I don't know and we'll get into this as we go and some of this. I'm going to learn as we venture along here to captain but my guess would be if he's on probation for something right. You're going to bring that up especially if you've called in his name he's on probation for something when they say they came back to his house and then he led him in and they searched. You have to wonder. Was that coming back to his house as quickly as walking away from talking to him him saying yeah. I saw her earlier. Yeah and then running a background. Check on this dude. You know we have james. Brian chadwell the second who lives at This address on park avenue. Tell us what you know. They pull up his record. Oh he's on probation. Let's go strong arm. This guy he's going to very quickly likely let you into his home whether he's hiding anything or not a lot of times that's one thing that's interesting. And a lot of these cases we talk about something like like we had last week with Branson perry case where the the the cables a jumper cables will return to the shed. Mysteriously they weren't there before a missing and then two weeks go by and they appear well if an innocent person replace them and the police put out to the public. We want to know who had those jumper cables. Where did they come from. The innocent person comes forward and even if the person has passed. I get it you know. Hey i don't want to be. I don't want to be turned into some kind of frame job for this case. Because i got a lengthy criminal background here but a lot of times what you will see especially when it comes to sex offenders and two people on probation as soon as they're asked we talk about the pervert roundup all the time. In these cases a lot of these sexual offenders will come forward. They don't even have to go knock on their door. They come forward and they want to tell you. This is where i was that day. i'm innocent. I had nothing to do with this. I not want to be locked up for fifteen years right so they probably strong armed him. He's he's got a background he's probably on probation. You know you should probably let us in. Here's the other thing in a lot of states. I don't know about indiana good. The hoosier state but and a lot of states. They don't necessarily have to have a search warrant to force their way into a home of an individual that's on probation. Because what they can do is they can call your po right. Your po can go in there. So it's not a matter of us getting a search warrant mr chadwell. It's a matter of your show is officer so and so well it's only it's a matter of how long it takes them to drive over here and they just walk into your home bun this one of the reasons why. I'm not a detective or a cop. I mean because the ever watch true. Detective season one. And how would you know woody. Harrelson character handles justice. Midway through is probably what would happen in this case. I mean once they go down to the basement they see this nine year old has been raped either. Different reports bruising on her legs Bite marks from the dog on her legs and the rumor was that there was blood. Coming out of her is because of how badly he strangled her. You see that on a nine year old. And i'm holding a gun at be very hard not to pull the trigger and get it over with well. There's bad cops to do that. And they get locked up and there's good cops that that on if we should classify them as a bad well. I i would prefer that the that my officers are making arrest and not just shooting people vigilante style. But the the good cops focus on making the arrest in making it and a lawful way that you will secure a conviction later because that's their job is to arrest not too not not to carry out the sentence themselves i understand. That's why i'm saying. I'm not a cop right so i just wanted to have it in me. I i wouldn't have it in me like maybe you don't shoot the guy but i don't have it in me not to beat the living shit out of the guy and so that's why i'm i'm not a police. Your application has been denied. mr capped. Either go if this happened what would you do. I would beat the shit out of the guy. Well you got a lot of things going on here once you enter the premises. So you're it's you and one other officer at this time and what you have in this situation. Is you have a dog to concern yourself with dogs for whatever reason. They don't like the mailman and they don't like police. It might be the uniform. I don't know but you have a dog to contend with and you have this individual that you know has a criminal record and you're now you're now playing away game. It's his home turf. You don't know what's inside that house and so you're going to have one officer who is going to focus on the individual. Mr chadwell and the other officer is going to be observing everything for a reason why this girl may have either banned in the premises at some point or was still inside and so one of them is going to notice that. There's some type of lock and we'll get into that. And then when you do when you notice that there's some kind of contraption locking up the basement door you're going to send one officer down there and the other is going to stay up there with upstairs with mr chadwell. So he doesn't Give you the old sneak attack. And as you pointed out here earlier captain. Chadwell is just the latest among. What's being a growing list of suspects. As far as the public in the media is concerned and the journal and courier goes on to say chadwell is not the first person accused of an abduction crime. Who has been investigated as a person of interest in the delphi. Murders none of the other people of interest turned out to be a suspect this again. According to this this outlay right but will has also stadium as we've had so many people that have come on the radar as far as social media. Maybe they get a blimp in the in the actual media but this is one of the first individuals that there's national coverage of him and multiple national coverage people following up on the story. There was a lot of coverage on daniel nations. Yes there was. I mean. But that's what i'm saying is but between day and an chadwell we've had how many individuals that people have been comparing side by sides to oh we couldn't even count the number the as far as the major ones go. There's been a good handful but Yeah there's been hundreds if not a thousand or more that people online have have done side by sides and so on and so forth so to go on with this article here. They say on april nineteenth the nine year old girls. Parents reported her missing about seven pm. She been gone for about thirty minutes so the parents god bless them. Were in a very smart fully. so Were quick to act here. Chad wells next door neighbor. Jason walling told the journal courier last week that he was driving home from work turned into his alley and notice chadwell speaking with a woman in the alley. It was after that the girl was reported. He says this was after the girl was reported missing because a few minutes later police cars were parked in front of his house and officers were focused on chad. Wells house bright. The police officers not on chad. Wells door the journal courier says this might have saved. The little girl's life prosecutor said the girl told police she believed chadwell was going to kill her. The knock forced james chadwell to stop his sexual assault quickly dress and answer the door. According to the prosecutors probable cause affidavit chadwell allowed officers to search his house and they found the girl locked in the basement. She had been beaten strangled. Attacked by chad wells dog and sexually assaulted according to police and prosecutors. Meanwhile anyone with information about libyan abbey's killings is encouraged to contact law enforcement by email at abbey and libby tip at ca c. o. s. h. r. f. dot com and Of course you can find that information as well at the indiana state polices website. I think once this individual comes on their radar and they have him in custody for this crime. Now will we do know is is this individual. Is this individual capable of murder. Well from all accounts of this crime he was in the process of mergen a nine year old. And then you go a step further and go well. Is it possible he was in the area for this area is roughly what fifteen miles from delphi. So that puts him roughly in the area..

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