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In the morning but non the afternoon but when he was doing it yeah. But I think again. What I'm saying is. Go with being. Safe. He was like, no, there can't be a possibility of getting hit by lightning. Right although one of his other tricks was essentially him getting hit by lightning but in that case, he knew it was going to happen. So it's different precautions, right? Okay. So Sorry. You were explaining exactly what it is. Yeah. He was going to do it over New York. Like a day or two before that was supposed to happen they said we can't do it in New York. The weather is not cooperating. We're GONNA do it in Arizona which makes sense because yeah you can go in the middle of the desert and there's No Wind No. Rain or anything that's hot, which presents other issues. But not nearly the issues wind with the balloons were heating up tom the balloons were heating up. That's why they had to get going at one point. So the idea was. That there would be a bunch of weather balloons filled with helium and he would. I was a little I wasn't crazy about the whole like he's holding onto them because he wasn't holding onto him. It was just said he was harnessed in a way that his arm was stuck in the harness essentially So it looked like he was holding onto them. which he did take off later on so he could do we need to do. But the idea was that he would go up in helium balloons which you know a child dream what if I got enough balloons to actually lift me off the ground Gonzo style right and he did it and then To add. More. Excitement to it. That once he got to a certain height, he would have to put a parachute on in the air. He couldn't put parachute on before he went up. I, don't know why. and then at a certain height at the height of that I believe they didn't specify exactly what they said the height that jets fly at would-be when he would let go and parachute down not like go obviously just release himself. which presents a huge amount of other issues because once you get. A few thousand feet it starts getting very cold and there's very little oxygen up there. So he added endure those things so for him. He said, this kind of combined a lot of the other stunts he's done because he had very little oxygen so he needs to be able to stay conscious while he was doing this. Year to sustain extremely cold temperatures which he's done before. It's Not. Have a giant fear of heights some before, and then he's had to fall from a great height although this was the greatest site that I believe. These fallen from Yeah in any tally skydived from higher but that yeah well, and that was part of it that to do all this stuff, it was I think more preparation. These ever had do because he had to complete five hundred skydives to get his skydive certification is so low certification or whatever it is He had to get a balloonist license to be able to fly a balloon. Honestly, how hard is that? You never go like Oh, man these the real heroes are the hot air balloon. That must be. Thousands of hours of training like I understand that that's another thing he had to do. But like it's not like oh here to. Log Fifty thousand hours flying a plane to get his pilot's license or something..

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