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Probably i dunno well more occasions when you can do that impression just went in spelling bee mode can i get you the ron and don text line's always open keep them coming at nine eight nine seven three andrew does like the old academy movies hey hey let's all right let's get you caught up on the cars coming up straight ahead we have kinsey gonna get you caught up with all the news see if there's any breaking news it happened in the big donald trump press conference with japan's leaders at obey is that his name yes and then also rachel bell right after that see what's ringing her bell is brought to you by emerald queen casino your straight heavy police presence in burien right now in the fifteen thousand seven hundred block of first avenue so you're gonna find that to be a bit of an issue and some slowing around at that situation we've also got this wreck at fiftieth and eleventh avenue northeast that's taking up the east right rather eastbound right lanes to gotta be careful as you head through that area now we're going to see a lot of difficult traffic on southbound ninety nine you're not going to be able to exit off at dexter because at dexter and crockett they're working with a with a house fire right now no injuries reported but still a large seattle fire presents for this situation we are slow coming off the water on ninety not only eastbound and westbound as well from the lead all the way up to the i five merge five twenty in within the last ten minutes coming off the water and getting up to i five is well traffic is going to be slow for you on southbound i five is we work our way out of the duwamish river curves working its way towards seatac once again leaving highway eighteen and traffic brought to you by emerald queen casino welcoming cool in.

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