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Anyone at the table, disagree with that notion? I grew anyone though. Oh, happy in the hall. Absolutely. Not why not flagrant cheater. And you cheat yourself. You cheat the game, and you get caught you should not be reward. Okay. Let me. Let me tell you something. Jay, first of all, let's get off you how horse here I get hose. But Sealy not a mixed missing. In baseball is in the hall of fame who presided over the whole steroid error. Okay. Let's not pretend like that did not happen. And anyone I think we all can sit here and say that Barry Bonds was a hall of fame player even before he got into the whole stir where errors situation. So we can't pretend like this didn't happen in baseball. They put it in your sport. You feel you guys played against guys who were cheating or doping. We're doing other things. And did it did it perhaps influence the game in ways that were negative for yourselves? I didn't think so at the time, but I've come to learn that there's a lot more of it available than I thought was before. And it certainly bothers me, but I just don't believe in absolutes. Generally. I think that you could find justification for a lot of things it doesn't mean that you should. But in this in bond situations, clear justification is that he felt like everyone else in the sport was doing it. And no one was policing it. So he had to do it and football oftentimes, you're up on a contract here. And I could understand why would not encourage it understand that it is wrong. I understand if you're on a contract year, and you're either looking at million dollar contracts or finding a job at the foot locker. I think we can all understand why someone would make that decision. But isn't there a difference between understanding why someone would do again and rewarding them by putting them in the hall of fame, which is the greatest honor a player can possibly receive? We're we're we're constantly finding a way to take the kneecaps under away from a player. Like, I keep thinking about college basketball and say we found out that a coach, but he's a hall of fame coach and did it. So now, all of a sudden all of those championships and all of those wins. They don't matter you, cheated when the culture of college basketball is we pay players, and I don't think it's there. But as soon as we find out that a player did something wrong, in some way, shape or form, we take away. Like, you said the one thing that could be the highest honor bestowed upon their happening right now, Jim bejon. He's lost a lot of wins. But he's still is allowed to be the head coach of their team. And he's going to grow Famer. He's looked at different in baseball than it is in football, the fans and media. We don't care when football players cheat. Because when we wash the game, it's like, ooh fish. Physical. We understand why they would do it. But in baseball, it's the holy grail for the numbers. Very baas. I'm a left to his favorite baseball player. But once to me, you cross the line, and you we're knowledge the fact that somebody's a flat out cheater to me, you should reward them. I put them in all we will leave it there. There's one thing that never changes. Everyone has an opinion on this topic, by the way, Alex Rodriguez. We'll try man on this and more in our next hour. That's among the many things we have still to come here. This morning on get up. Cuyler Murray is challenging how tall quarterback should be so much. So one coaches changing his entire philosophy. You'll hear what was said about that. And whether or not we buy it, and and while Duke was crushing Pittsburgh on the road. Jailings wolverines needed every second at home. The best highlight of the night on the way..

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