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The yogi bear amusement park in estonia is modeled after a minidisneyland but populated by hannabarbera cartoon characters always peaceful in this little kingdom until last week when the parks owner did a little licensing deal at a trade show in gdansk and that's when jr jr banks was suddenly added to the cast apr sap who played huckleberry hound described what happened to the bbc first of all his constantly stupid ears down to his elbows he looks like a giraffe had sex with a bath the town second he instituted that guy don't know comedy the others and i we decided quickly that we would kill him not give the poor guy inside the task stone but y'all got banks himself as eager explained first betty rubble she flirt with him and like a fool he follows her at the roller coaster when he lands tom and jerry they go after him well jerry mostly they chase them into the school be do funhouse dog house send and scooby admit gila guerrilla they basically take him out the next morning charge our banks empty costume was hoisted above the park on a crane perhaps as a warning to any interested rookies or in walks out there the actor inside the costume was treated for cuts and bruises but says he doesn't have any hard feelings he released a statement i get it i hated charge are too jarjur case the federal the laura from a theme park in estonia your last dory from a long time ago and a galaxy far far away comes from molucca when saudi arabia's king faisal signed the united nations charter in 1945 it was a proud moment for the kingdom immortalized in a photograph his subjects no well a wreck in new of princes and ministers bear witness as his royal highness the king sits handinhand at a table next to his good friend yoda saying why dr photograph of the king and the djeddai master created by the artist abdulah alshehri somehow ended up in a saudi high school text block and well shiite hit the fan i am the one who designed it admitted sherry who admired fis also wisdom i found that yodo was the closest character to the king but he says he had nothing.

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