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The call. They met in and just kind of. To get my little some safes on the cards as we Again. came in. Vicks great cards play on. I was. I was to my all still in the home. What was gonna happen in the algal by telling them new levels levels to it at all those on another level? Pretty much. I think he can be all the other other ways of max and there's no right now, you know, then a like Landon in, whoa, I think she'll through everybody else, but she has a one fighter if you know that has a number and that was That a was very. the most of the fighting that I was kinda like doing man. What he's not out that a kid is, I feel that most of those big fight for that guy, man just into by everybody's gonna, say, watch stuff. He would. I gave it all the AM. He came up before Floor using. using. The alvarez. Adele, man, this almost like when Eddie get encouraged situations, then he do. They'll move man. I heard. I also heard the corner, say what? You know what? I was watching the fight and I saw, I know why said that. I know own though they, you know, they stood up and you know, that may have been a pivotal point in the fight man. But I, I just think any. It has been a bunch of wars, then chance just like I used to be mad that you know, there's all this much pound and the chance to take is just not like it used to be. Sometime before you hang up. I want you to weigh in on something. This can maybe be like a topic that we're gonna throw out the listeners today, but on enemy junkie dot com. You can read a story where Marquette MI actually took the blame for it. He said that was my bad one hundred percent. He said, one hundred percent. I thought about it can't be one hundred percent, and I don't even know that it could be fifty percent at the end of the day was Eddie Alvarez at through it, but I can see how sometimes you, you see your corner do something and you you're supposed to listen in and you do it Showtime, in your opinion, whose fault was the Elbe was at Eddie Alvarez or was it Marquette. Bad. You know, that's just like me football. A lot of times the coaches, yelling and stuff to us on the field. You know why fails on the plate in and we got into soccer that information real quick and understand what we can do. So I think any point. I think you ask it as probably what. You know, you play. What then instead Instead of four. of the legal, I hated it now. What it is. Thanks for the call Showtime. Also, Mark Henry called for an elbow. He didn't call for an illegal elbow. There's a legal way to throw the elbow. I mean, it's not like he was yelling, twelve to six. I think he made the motion of twelve to six. And I think he is explaination was just seem too complicated the really Arab, but even then, but still it's kind of like I could see a mascot ball. Chris Webber had a problem years back in college where he called a time out and they didn't have timeouts. And I, he claims that a coach or a teammate yelled call timeout. And I could see that because you hear that right away within seconds and you call timeout and you don't got it. I guess people could go back and say, well, as a player, you should know how many timeouts you have, but it was so rushed than you hear it from coach that I could see him applying some fault to the coach that it's a call a timeout. But in this particular one, I, I don't know. I mean, I think when you're training, this is just something that you're used to not ever doing so it should feel weird to do it. You to know the rule. So I well, it would have been worse though if Eddie Alvarez would have tried to call time out. Yeah, that'd been worse. Remind me later on in the show to tell you about the time my mother called two timeouts in my career, all all your sports girl. Okay, timeout fees, ahead anyway. All right. We're going to try and connect here with Vinny Mangala. She has a fight coming up at PF l. five this Thursday. So you are listening to obey junkie radio.

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