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The bible to build a space elevator tower. Now we saw that cool name for it if they do build us base. Should you name the tower of babel. One way one way tunnel through the moon. I don't think it doesn't have to go to. The moon just has to go out into orbit to like a space station till there. Yeah i picture. It is like the glass bottom platform over the grand canyon except for its enclosed. So then yeah. That would be cool. Pop out you're like whoa and then you're like glass. I will be following my floated in floating around for a little bit. And then you get sucked back down. Like one of those bank teller machines at the drive-thrus de i would i would love to see that caitlyn's invent it. I'll get to work on trying to find some new element to build a strong enough together up to space station so anyway i was excited to read that just disappointed. I didn't see it in more places from the bulls. Chris going hawsers. Danny bryce is now enter of the world's first carbon thread space elevator. We use words. Like dano thread yes. Diamond nanno threats diamond nanno threads all news years the bathroom during every day on the project. Pooping at your office is bad. Could you imagine pooping in a tight space shuttle as you orbit the earth right in front of your good friends face because that's how it was at the very beginning. There wasn't enough room moment here. Just like whatever we're in space. Yeah then if you read some of the stories it wasn't it wasn't a clean operation. There were particles floating around definitely. I think they should have like a I think what they could do is have a like a garbage disposal. They had that on the space station and then have just like was the particles would come back into the space station they use kind of like a big blender but it created the dust that coated the entire international space station. Space toilets quite a bit on this show. And i'm saying if you twenty. Five percent of people are shy poopers at the office space that number jumps up in like an ordinary situation to near one hundred percent. When offered a bag spacex poop into think we could get a survey of two thousand space. It'll take while a hundred years from now. We can do that survey. Okay cool all right. Danny you're off twitter. You've you're off instagram. Why what's next ripe bro. what's the what are you quitting next. Oh isn't that what life's all about. Katie so old and angry. You just start quitting everything job jobs. i like i said i'm dipping my toe in the talk. The talk cut talk. It's it is a lot. Like i said a lot of work And the reason. I quit things so yeah. I'm doing the talk. That's what i'm working on right now. Okay all right. Great job. Follow you there. I don't know if i want anyone following me. They didn't what's your danny bryson on. Tick tock no no. I stuck with the the whole mediocre amateur amateur on tick-tock. Good very good. Let me see. It's all always brings people when they see that this would be great mediocre. I can't open my tick tock. We'll blast out my eardrums right now. Probably yeah that's the other palm. You open that thing and you're putting your gert little girl to sleep at all like can't you. White-cain opens her eyes. Yeah why can't you set a setting where it's like instagram. Where you go scroll through and videos are playing. They're playing.

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