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Thank you for the call vic victories up a great point i was having this discussion with someone today like look what raff is doing right middle he won his eleventh french open and i mean yeah he's talked about but he's playing second fiddle to roger federer no matter what federal takes off the french open because he's like i want to say my legs i don't i mean i don't need the career grand slam because i already have it you know what i'm saying like if he wasn't playing during the same time as roger federer we'd be talking about nidal no doubt and by the way nidal in the he has i don't know what the the french open you're talking about i don't know what the companies richard mille watch so he sponsored by richard mille dislike really luxurious watch he's wearing a seven hundred twenty five thousand dollar watch the entire the entire french open he's playing yes i'm looking at a watch right now seven hundred and twentyfive grant i'm working on right now i'm not even as his most expensive on he's ad i wore one in in two thousand fifteen i was like eight hundred and fifty grand but i couldn't even i couldn't even if i had it i can spend money on the wash like that but they're selling it the wrapping and doll zero two seven m m zero two seven yeah it's cool i can watch seven hundred and twenty five grand no thank you no thank you good if you could do it and he gets a free jerk can be ours the number i coming up next we're going to replay an interview the habit earlier today michael thompson hopped on to talk about the worst sweep the.

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