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If he thinks that was duress then wait till he gets to the nfl where the number one objective for these defense this to harass the quarterback these quarterbacks right now going into the combine and the pro days and the pre interview process that's going to unfold clearly it sounds like you josh alan one dorrell to rose in three mayfield four or am i misinterpreting something yeah i i think i would i would go in ended a combine and again i haven't study rosen in donald as much as i've seen it senior quarterback but i think you know two months from the draft going into combine i would have it'll allan donald mayfield in rose and with the caveat that as it may feel uh advocate i would make sure as the gm of a given team they look our coaches really want in like this claire feel like they can work will because if if there's a struggle the show orders or the quarterback coach grow signs i really don't wanna work with the sixfooter hey you know hit seventy percent but a lot of them were folks greens and shallow crosses you know i don't see the translation if there is a shred of doubt within your offense his staff then to me yeah you've you've gotta move on from baker mayfield but there's got to be and all in believe that that he can be a bona fide player uh in the nfl and then josh frozen you know he's the purest passer of all of them honestly uh but i do think that there are some questions that have to be answered here this combine next week in terms of some of the charity some of his son look is uh you know beliefs philosophy you know how does he see himself as a leader and and those sorts of things because the ability to connect to older players that are relying on you as the quarterback to make a living that's the extremely imported it's probably than attribute that we don't talk about enough when we discuss these quarterbacks is just the inherent leadership and their style of leadership indeed.

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