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Hi bunch of stuff going on right now. We'll keep you up to date on Ireland versus Travis Rodgers head to head at industry Hills Golf Club. At last check. It was Ireland down one after two holes. Final season of game of thrones is almost here and happens on Sunday night, the premier and you can join me in Ireland in our game of thrones pool. Head to head go to at ESPN, Los Angeles on Twitter, fill out the pool the play. And then tweet us a picture of your answers with hashtag game of thrones Momo, you filled out yours, right? Yeah. You know? It's Jammie time. I it's almost like playing the lottery game on on. The internet where you go like, okay who wins? And chime it usually comes up at different team. I saw every time I think who is going to end up on the iron through and I kinda come up with a different answer. I don't feel really strongly for a long time. I thought it was going to be aria. And now I've turned the other direction and said, oh, no it's going to end with somebody. I don't like it's gonna it's gonna be like Saraswati because that would be the search you'd be the evil crowded leave Ireland thinks the night king when I like an MP Nike answer and Saraswati kill certainty brings her back. The. The long. Actually. Yeah. That could be good. I feel like they're going to do some things. Because now like they j r whatever his name is what George RR? Yeah. Martin. I just know there's a lot of ours. Yup. He has told them who he thinks should end up right on. Did. He say, I think he told him that look into any of that stuff, I refuse. Yeah. Greg refuses read preview articles who's deciding who ends up on the iron throne. Who's deciding it why would think it's the right. I would think George r r Martin has some happy his ending, right? They have to write its his story. It's gotta be whoever he wants to end up there. So I think the past couple of years they've taken editorial direction for him. But they've made their own choices about what unfolds. Yup. But I think for the ending they'll they'll go with what he wants, right? If that's the case. And if that's the case he was behind the first few seasons where everyone we like ends up dead. Right. But he's also it's called the song and of ice and fire, which is Jon snow. So if that's if it's his you'd have to assume that he'd want to probably more of a happy ending robberies to believe, it's too obvious. But if it's going by what his endings should be it all makes sense with the actual all my money on Tyrian. Lancaster, -tarian gingery Tyrian. Yeah. You've got him on gingy. Why gingy because he he's the rightful heir to the throne at this point. He is Rathi in because he was there was right. He's the half, brother. He's no. He is the he's the son of Robert breathy in which we don't know who is mother bastard, son. Yeah. Had enough. I could actually say that word. So yeah. Yeah. The bathroom. So he's the bachelorette son, John HBO on say, and he's been he's been kept around for something. He could have died hundreds of times, and they didn't they never had it actually bring him back at any point and bring your lots of characters like, no. But he, but he is a specific character that has from the very beginning. He was part of the reason why Ned stark got his head chopped off. Right because he went out and found ginger Henry, then he died because of that. So to keep him around is meaningful. There's something that he has to do. So in any event, go join our game of thrones pool..

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