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I think a guy you consider your best friend. On on his list about like two hundred. Joe, and I know don't I know that we can share wardrobes and at one point of one of our organs failure fail, we can just take some from the other one. We're the same man. The same blood type? Yeah. I mean, I assume so glud most likely, and we're one of us. One of us from the island from the. The Michael bay movie. I think in the island version of Sanders. That's deep pull. I feel like now isn't. It is one that never it didn't really. There's no cult behind the island guess usual times those high-concept scifi movies have some acolytes, but that film doesn't really have anyone who's a super fan. It might just be the Michael bay stick because there is some interesting action that I don't wanna get get off in an island tangent. The make look, huge, shark. This thing is huge. It's bigger than any. It's twice the size at jaaz, which is good of a movie. The formulas that simple, it's very, it was fun. It was the mega very big at eats people here and they're out to see for a long time. And then none of this sounds different than my expectations. The may goes around in a few people ns. That's pretty much it. It's a good time. It made me more scared of sharks and maybe maybe prayed to the Lord above that we don't live in prehistoric times. Mitch. No, I know way they call you are generations. Gene siskel. Nagy's you get out to the movies. Go see them. I love to see that the Meghan I max. Oh, that's fine. You know what? Here's what I'm going to say. Yeah, there was a pre before the nun, which is the newest movie in in the conjuring conjuring verse boy, that will be like scary and. Injuring? No, the none. I saw the trailer. Did for different movie in front of a different. I'm it was so loud. There's a big jump scare in the trailer. I swear to God, I think, could kill it could kill you in I max, I swear. I think the none could. I think scary movie like that. It's it was so fucking loud and max. It's scared, scared the hell out of me, it was a scare. It was the biggest jump. I had the entire movie crazy. Did you. Did you Saunders jump into each other's arms. We were already there. We were scared before we got the movie. Doc. The are scared. It was good time. We both felt sick from today's restaurant, but that's our guest -absolutely. She's from the podcast glowing up and the show alone together. All episodes of season two are on Hulu and on free form, Esther provide ski is back Esther. Thank you so much for returning for having me and you know the, we've got a great chain to discuss today, a great topic, but we had a great chain. The discuss the last time you're on here would ranch. Yeah. Have you been back to what ranson since our previous episode because I have a few times I have. I also feel like people are very mad at me about the episode. I got a lot of hate that. I didn't order an entree knew the place did, but I still I understand the mad people, but I also it's fine eight a full meal at this restaurant. So I, I hope I do good back all trolls. No way, man. Those are my trolls understand where you're coming from. I do, but I'm sorry. Also I went to went to wood ranch before seeing the latest purge movie. With a few of our buddies or buddy Jordan Morris or buddy Matty Smith, who was in that posse I'm omitting somebody, I apologize to Rome. Bidding a group of four. We had a lot of fun. The hell would you do with the purge was real think about it. Be one of those people with a high-powered security system. That's the whole point of those movies. It's just about how society is stratified and like the the white people with money can afford to have a security system that keeps them inside their safehouse IB inside of McMahon. And to be impenetrable for twelve hours with one small window. So you could watch while you Jack. Not a legal now..

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