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He wasn't a good doctor. Right moving on moving on dot org. Row row row. Stop doubling down on it moving on dot org. David pipe won this race three years ago with Saul. I think he's found another one then rattling rose who could do the job. What is your selection? Mr Kim, Blake ham. I don't have to be on this Bush. This those give me a chance to weed out my piece of trivia, Pete defeat. It was just a fabulous hours. Just certain just turned fifteen years of age. And if you haven't heard the other hundred times, I've said this over the years, his mutter is tourist attraction who won the supreme novices hurdle shoved them festival in one thousand nine hundred five becoming Willie Mullins I ever winner at the festival and try and find out but up to air this year towards the traction was still very much alive at the age of twenty nine. She's just down the road from me here outside Cashel and try and find out at that age. It's it's hard to be sure. But hopefully, she still okay. She's had some meetings regardless and that's my bit of trivia that I hope Sweden when Pete defeat is on the big stage twenty nine years of age for horse that is absolutely fantastic water mayor. She was the won't be a joy in the house of defeat goes and wins. I know there's a feature on them in the Troy paper today and best to look to him. But the new horses possibly reverse forecast for Rory, and I will be going with with Rutland rose the mayor's hurtles little bit confusing. But we'll we'll discuss it because it's certainly worth talking about because we desperately need to see Llerena backout sooner rather than later. Benny doi- holes and entry as well. The children festival winner who got the better of apples. Jade it subsequently subsequently come to light that Applegate wasn't right back then but she too has yet to run since the twenty eighth of April. She doubled up by winning at Punchestown, pitting your stablemate Augusta Kate so it's it's essentially about whichever one of the Willie Mullins sources turns up and the market is very much leaning towards the Llerena. Lining up here, Rory. And if she does they're stretching around to two mile four, what do you make of this as a starting point for her? A decent starting point all things considered the trip shouldn't shouldn't if you're if you're going to win the Champion Hurdle. You should not have a problem. Winningham Arizona him out for its on in the warm. Obviously fitness might might be an issue, but she's been so close to running. We've been told in the last few weeks that she shouldn't be she shouldn't be short of peak fitness at this stage. We know she stays the trip. Anyway, he was a winner at Fahrenheit over two and a half at the end of last season on some. It'd be great to Here her. given. Giving her ownership result. Some well, you could argue that the ownership of the. Mullins voices. There'd be reasonably likely to Trump less. Never never been a guide in the past. In fairness, it all seems to be entirely in Willie's court. So you you'd fancy whichever one of them turns up. Oh, look at the strength of the field. We'll mellows probably the next day in, but she wouldn't be a massive threat if either Lorena or Benedict Joe were were out there spending too, by the way. The media is she is probably a little bit harder to place Lorena the moments. Thing really would like to get a run into soon as account and everything conditions should be should be fine. The crimes will be on the easy side. I'm sure he's checked the ferries online issue. So. Crackle, and I say all right. Kevin starting over to more forward. Does this to you indicate that William Mullins is desperately trying to get Lorena to run in the mirrors hurtle, but will died even stop Sullivan bloodstock. We let stop jarred Sullivan is it all about the Champion Hurdle..

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