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Freedom fighting for you. We know that school administrators Folks in government are by and large utterly gutless. Cowards who also clearly don't care about you and your kids otherwise they would fight so you have to go to the lines defending freedom who do fight. But they need our help. So i i wanna say folks please go to my website. Metaxas talk dot com. You see the banner. We desperately do need your help matt. How long have you been with With with and what is it that makes you wanna do this kind of thing. I've been doing this for over eleven years now and it honestly started with my dad. My dad is now retired as a pastor. And i remember concerns of one day. Is the government going to come knocking on the door because of something. He preached of holding true to gospel truth. And that's what led me into this to make sure that whether it's my dad or others Business owners high school athletes. Whatever they may be that they're never forced by the government to do something or say something that violates the religious convictions. Well i throw this out there all the time when. We're trying to raise money for something. I believe in I say to folks if you'll make a donation of ten thousand dollars to the alliance defending freedom which is as good as it gets in this hour folks. If you want to know what can i do. You can help the alliance defending freedom. But if you'll make a donation of ten thousand dollars it will be my honour to join you and your family or friends for dinner anywhere we can. We can get together. I just put that out there. Because it's fun for me to meet people who care about what i care about who care about the country and religious liberty and i want to encourage anybody out there whatever you can give. We're in a battle right now folks and you're gonna be sorry if you don't pitch in wherever you can. This is just one place but if you don't pitch in now and all of these things go away and you're living in a different country. This is not scaremongering. This is real. I wish it weren't real but it's very very real. People's lives are already being affected. The difference between this country and other countries is we understand. The law is on our side. All we have to do really is fight. That's what does so. I'm going to ask you again. Please go to the lines of freedom. I've got a phone number. If you prefer.

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