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That may sound like crumbs the folks in washington dc but that's real money to most americans the tax cuts are especially good for americans over fifty and our seniors to electric bills have been slashed 401k's have risen and dividends have as well all great news for americans over fifty where was aarp during the great tax fight they were silent worse aarp's website now pushes democrat talking points at a mac we worked hard to support the tax cuts but we also need to push the government to stop it's reckless spending congress heard from our one million members loud and clear but we've still got work to do the stakes are high this november and that's why you need to join amac today at amac dot us that's amacus all the michael medved show the the idea of the warsaw ghetto as a gated community this apparently the the washington post reporters named peter jameson and this was a large group of people who are being led around with the city councilman who is trying to make amends with local jewish community the city councilman who's name is trey on white said that when he apologized for his comments about jews controlling the weather he said he didn't realize jews might consider those comments offensive he then attended a bagels and lox breakfast with local jewish leaders at city hall and he agreed to take the tour of the holocaust museum on the mall in washington and one of the things that happened is it was a staff member of his when they were explaining about the warsaw ghetto ghetto was in in europe and literally it was only in the late seventeen hundreds that in most european cities they took down the ghettos or at least opened up the gates ghettos were walled in they were like pretty prisons and if you were permitted to come out of the ghetto in the daytime you had to go back there at night because people had that level of hatred and fear of local jewish communities and what i find astonishing about this is that apparently his aid who asked when she saw pictures of the warsaw ghetto which had been reestablished by the nazis to isolate the jews before they would be deported to auschwitz and murder and the gate asked apparently not facetiously whether it was similar to a gated community was just he could not imagine the idea that.

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