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For listen I issues the Billy Madison Congress so I'm going to make fun of her being a bartender because I was a bartender going through college of course she was a bartender after college after graduating from B. you with a double major in economics which is a joke and I think it was it was it some kind of for political entity it was some kind of political foreign something anyway she was a bartender after that but listen bartenders anybody could be as smart as a whip you have these lawyers these idiots that are up there in Congress are dumb as a box of rocks so I like the whole bartender thing to report because of that to make fun of are there was a very smart bartenders and there's a see what's people say all my god you know they just have dubbed the networks they just give you know she's she's a bartender itself the bartender the bartender day giver so much power the reason she's on so much is because she says then why don't people just see it she says the dumbest things they have around because they use her because she's such a freaking train wreck you can have some boring Schwab the from Congress on which gets ya know ratings no I've always know attentions and boring people tune out or you get this not that says stupid things like that she is being used by the media just like they use other people because they just need to get as many people listening and watching as possible that's it she's not smart they don't respect her she's an idiot she says the dumbest things and you can't make up the things that she says they're so insane so it's a train wreck rubber necking on the highways accident is what this is rubbernecking that's what she is she's the rubber Necker congresswoman so don't don't give her more credit than what she has okay she's she's she says the most outlandish insane things you know they said the same thing about troubles are the most outlandish things like build the wall Mexico's gonna pay for it but actually work that way she's a full he's not nine thirty four we have thanks radio we got a guy who got to get them to focus on this in some more fun stuff before you get out here again is three.

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