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She is just remarkable. The last visit with Rosemary just. Oh, was it. It's september. I think or maybe the month before she had a brand new book out, and this one is another fate from fate magazine, fate anthology, and she's compiled it edited and contributed some articles to this anthology. It's on UFO's in ET's fate presents UFO's and the presence. But since this will be our last visit with Rosemary before Halloween. We'll also talk about ghosts and goblins and things that go bump in the night. No doubt. And also carve out some time for you to talk to Rosemary as well. Maybe you have a ghost story you'd like to share. Let's see let's just see if you can raise the hackles on the back of my neck with one of your ghost stories. I doubt you'll be able to scare Rosemary, I'm guessing she's pretty much in your to that kind of thing. I would think, but you never know. Now, speaking of ghosts. Three and five people three in five people a believe they've come face to face with a ghost at some point in their lifetime. And as well as seeing a ghost in real life. Forty percent of people think they're pets have had a ghostly encounter. But people's way of dealing with meeting a ghost aren't far from those in the movies. The typical reactions tend to be fainting screaming crying or running away. I would probably do all four. Women despite being more likely to see a ghost by twenty percent. Did you get that women are twenty percent more likely to see a ghost? They're also twice as likely to scream and run away. This was a study conducted by one poll one poll all one word on behalf of groupon. What do group on would be doing this? They also found that one in three people believe their house is haunted. One in three. So we can talk go stories. If you lied, again, we'll also pick that up with Rosemary an hour or two, and I see that creepy. Clowns are back in the news creepy clown reports this time in Great Britain. There was an incident with a knife wielding clown over there recently menacing some children, and I'm wondering if this is all been inspired. If you will by Stephen king's book it which came out over thirty years ago. And then of course, there was the the original movie which came out in nineteen ninety. And then there was the reboot. Of it, which I think came out last year, which is scarier by the by which is scarier the book, the nineteen ninety movie or the 2017 movie. I have not read the book, nor have I seen the movies. But that might be kind of fun. Why don't we kick that around as well? The scariest movies ever made the scariest movies ever made. For me. It was actually a trailer. Not even the movie it was nineteen sixty six. It was a cult classic b movie called the Queen of blood has anyone out there seeing that I haven't actually seen the movie as I say, I only saw the trailer and that was enough. This was. Who is in that basil Rathbone, I think and young Dennis hopper and John Saxon. And Forrest j Ackerman who of course, went onto publish very famous magazine called famous monsters of film land, which I started publishing in the late fifties and famous monsters a film land inspired countless Hollywood directors not only in the horizontal let people like John carpenter. But but people like Steven Spielberg as well. We're very inspired. Anyway, forced Ackerman made an appearance in the Queen of blood. And then there was this lovely check actress named Florence Marly, and she played the alien Queen who also happen to be a vampire, and as I say, I just I saw the trailer. My parents back in I think about nineteen sixty seven sixty eight I was three or four years old. If they wanted to go to the movies, they had to take us us being five children with them usually try getting babysitter for five kids. Not that easy. So on this particular night, we piled into the family station wagon, a nineteen sixty two valiant, and my mom and dad went they wanted to see Debbie Reynolds, Dick Van Dyke movie called divorce American style. I don't know if you remember it. So we went to the breezes drive in in Branford, or it might have been the sunset. But I think it was the breezes drive in and we had a a padded kind of a a foam pad in in the very back of the station. Wagon was covered with some nice, Terry cloth. Then we piled in there with our pajamas. How exciting was that? When you were a child, right? You were going out into the car after dark with your pajamas on so. Me and my four older siblings piled into the valley. And off we went to the breezes drive in and we were sort of expected just to kind of fall asleep. In the back while my mom and dad washed divorce American style, not an inappropriate movie, but not a particular interest or four year old, but before I fell asleep. Of course, they ran the trailers before the the main feature, and there it was the Queen of blood. And as I say, I've never seen the movie. I'm sure if I did I would laugh about it now because it looks like it's pretty campy, but for three or four year old this alien vampire outer space. I tell you so Florence Marly in her alien Queen up would haunt my nightmares for the next twenty five years. So that was it for me and later, I watched the pilot for a TV series called the night stalker. This was the pilot that aired I think it was like an ABC or NBC night premiere. Anyway, it was like a Monday or Tuesday night. And this was the night stalker. The pilot episode was about this vampire that was stalking Las Vegas. I tell you that that was it for me. I was I think maybe eight or nine years old seven or eight years old, maybe. And so my scariest moments on screen actually weren't even films was a movie trailer and the other wasn't made for TV movie the pilot episode, so maybe we can share your scariest movies as well. Now, we could go in a completely different direction. If you'd like we could talk geopolitics, I know the disappearance of a Jamal kashogi is on. Everyone's mind Turkey is saying that a Saudi hit team is behind this disappearance and murder and that much of his interrogation and torture and murder. Was recorded on his apple watch an uploaded to I cloud and may have been overheard by his fiancee who was apparently waiting outside the consulate in Istanbul in their car. She waited out there something like ten or eleven hours, then came back the next day. And of course, he's completely vanished. This has far reaching geopolitical implications. And we can get into that as well. Now, I want to also because I've neglected this. And I hope you'll forgive me all of you in the live chat. It's been awhile since I've acknowledged you, and I apologize for that. But I just it's been a while actually since we've had the livestream. We did it last week. And then before that it was it had been a while. But I just wanted to say at an acknowledge some of you who join us in the live chat at the YouTube channel Brown dwarf. Now, here's one Charmaine. Notre yet. I hope I'm not mispronouncing that and he Sharman is checking in from South Africa, where it's almost well, it's after five in the morning, so Charmaine great to hear from you. Thank you. And let's see we have George berry in Omaha Nebraska, Johnny Moore, mystique marmer Steen. Hello. Johnny Kenny poison in Colorado Springs, red cap goblin. Let's see razz to checking in from a UK gored gored Oland gorge joins us every week. You betcha joins us every week right to hear from to see both of you. Luna. Luna is beautiful this evening. Sorry. That's from VC who's not sure. Oh VC in the Carolinas. Let's see who else. Do we have gang of four gang of four? Baiji kim. Ron Hello botchy. All right. We'll try to John Schwartz. Great to have you on the the YouTube live chat. Incidentally, please check up the YouTube live channel. And if you haven't already please at that red sub button. Ryan back in east York in the bunker. I think what do we around eleven thousand four hundred subs. So let's see how quickly we can get that up to twelve thousand. And just a reminder my podcasts, of course, conspiracy.

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