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Full details on example policies that select quote dot com slash commercials. Happy to have you drive in around with us at two 38. Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Dave dildy. In the district on interstate two 95, northbound traffic remains heavy and slow from past pencil I'm Malcolm X avenue, not the next cavity towards suitland Parkway, where a traffic gets by the work zone in just one lane on rock creek Parkway, both ways near the Watergate hotel and Virginia avenue was one lane getting pie works on both ways and then farther north on the Parkway police were stopped with someone in the right lane near the dumbarton cue street bridge. In Maryland on the Baltimore Washington Parkway. Slow both ways near 32, police were responding to an incident southbound along the right side, and there may be a new crash northbound north of 32 and Ford made because it's heavy early in the northbound direction as well. So just go with 95 through Howard county 95 virtually delay free. On the beltway through Montgomery county, some light roadwork in places like near three 55 and the American legion bridge on the outer loop. Some slow traffic toward those crews, I think they're mobile, in Virginia, on the interloop, near Georgetown pike, they're picking up and reopening the left lane. On three 95 southbound near duke street, they're picking up and reopening the left lane. 66, eastbound works on will remain new traffic pattern at nutley street lane split, two lines left, two lines right, right lanes are what you need for not lay straight in the metro, but all lanes are through. Westbound traffic just heavy near one 23 and 50, 95 northbound slow through Stafford county after centerport Parkway, the roadwork was blocking the left travel lane. Traffic is heavy. Heavy is North America's first manufacture of all electric front loaders, excavators, and forklifts. With zero operating emissions and quiet operation, heavy equipment is better for the environment and better for your business, learn more at get heavy dot com. That's get he VI. Dot com. Dave dillin WTO traffic. Let's talk about this weather with chuck bell. Temperatures are going to be way above average again today. In fact, so far here in the month of November, this will be our

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