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Meteorologist Chris for CBS twelve news you start to our. Tuesday mostly sunny sky. Up too early afternoon and. A hot ninety degrees forty percents has purchased a scattered shower isolated thunderstorm mainly inland this. Afternoon overnight low of seventy seven on Wednesday mostly sunny skies hot. With a. High of ninety only twenty percent chance for shower Karen's already crank it away typing away working? On the next, news, update what's happening so Republican Melissa Howard running for the Florida state house, out of district seventy, and manatee and Sarasota counties. I'm really confused I mean, she says. It was not her intent, to deceive or mislead anyone when she put a picture of herself. Holding up a college diploma from what is it university of Miami Ohio Miami university of Ohio says she flew, to the campus, to prove it and then they, say we don't have that degree I love. This story, so, I guess she she said look I'm sorry but, I'm still running and she's she says I'm gonna win. And I'm, gonna lead by example well creativity I guess this is my favorite part she was that she. Never graduated I. Guess she, was there from I don't know something to ninety or whatever especially went though yes okay but didn't graduate he's quite hot have you seen her picture yes? She is a, surprising. Now but she says she graduated in ninety four so not only did, she lie she goes, well I'll make myself younger If she wins. Fake news, her, appointed must be like This is the greatest know what is? Is that a blue or, a red county area there Think sarasota's pretty conservative I believe I don't know See what happens that's pretty bald. Faced the. Oh my God Unbelievable That Marquette. Hurricane. Thanks we'll see it a little bit Florida morning. Show this is the other piece of news besides what's happening with Peter Struck and everything else here closer to. Home I think a lot of people expected this, actually but the the shooter that claim for his life in Clearwater, case we had the video up and we'll probably see to get at eight fifty WFL dot. Com. Yeah in a stand your ground case the latest tested this in in court. Anyway, well the prosecutors come to a different conclusion than the defendant here because he's a defendant, now Michael Drake was charged with manslaughter Yes-yesterday last month's shooting death of marquess mcglockton in. Clearwater, yeah here's the recap and the story shot him after mcglockton shoved him to the ground during an argument break. Claims he shot in self, defense but he was on the ground and it was a little delay. There and the prosecutors now say to vandalize the, tape they've looked at. It they believe that mcglockton was making a turn in order to get out of the way you know to to walk. Away Like, he was done with it he pushed into the ground he's done with. The whole incident in in the middle of that, turn walking away that's, when he was shot that might be the deciding factor in the case yeah because he was wasn't facing directly towards him I hate it seems like I'm really trivializing this I don't mean to. This is just how I. Work it out of my head it's like mcglockton? Mayday, what we used to call a football move They. Used to but we kinda sorta knew what a catch wasn't the NFL we will say he made a football move. When he fumbled the ball that's what mcglockton did hear a kind of. Walked. Away and that seems to be the. Deciding, factor in putting a charge on how many times this danger ground held up I think quite often feel like. All the big cases of standard ground really they'd have. Surfaced, as as television, events yeah had. Never worked out the way that they were supposed to or they would. Just, they were. Just completely misused the original intent of it was to defend your. Home yes you're a home invasion defending yourself you're you have a, licensed to carry shot the intruder inside your house boom case close I just they didn't really think and plan out cases. Like, this and this is a true test. Of it though because, I mean it goes, down to the millisecond on. How much time this guy on the ground had to. Decide whether to fire on yeah they definitely saved Clearwater from more protests say that. Right now I think, so families prosecutors are bringing the charge obviously The the attorney for the family obviously is is praising this decision there are those that say that it's going to. Be tough to even prosecute this guy and a manslaughter charge though really. Yeah. There are a lot of legal experts. Already, coming out saying that but it's telling you if you see this video again we went through this on the. Air you might remember Ricky where we both watched it. Like, ten twelve times, it was the. Fifth time before I decided at first of saying oh listen he's on. The, ground he. Shot and fired because you can jump on somebody so quickly yeah. It takes a half of a second so many people no no, ground game now at ground defense and grounded pound and BJ JJ you could really take somebody out but you look at. It, again and again and again and you. Start to realize you, know he had a, question in his mind about this This time not, to, fire in that might be the decided case on, that he really might be so we'll see we'll get, through that and it's going to be a, long drawn, out case for sure but, the eyes, of the legal community are watching this for sure We've got to get to this baseball story just to lighten this thing up a little bit and. And the question is would you if you could let's all pretend you got this much money would you, pay this much money for what seems to be a legendary baseball I'm gonna start with. The dollar amount okay because, it is now the record? Holder for the most expensive baseball in the. World all right six hundred thirty two thousand three hundred sixty nine dollars okay The previous record was held by Babe Ruth the ball okay which. Was only. Three eighty eight. This is how much more valuable it. Is Why what's with this ball it signed by. Eleven of the first baseball hall of famers, all of, them, the entire first class has that. Survive without even so much as a smudge It's? Got the babe signature? On it but a lot more than that Honus Wagner Tuykov. Cy Young speaker. George sizzler to Johnson county back you don't know Eddie Collins Grover Cleveland Alexander Michael us three names in. Baseball they. Were among the twenty, five minutes into the hall of. Fame its first four years, it, is, wow Conveys an old school there's trees speaker Tuykov there was. One guiding. Pickles Oh yeah swear pickles something. But Honus Wagner swagger. A baseball name right there I like. The modern guys with. Old time baseball names Mookie Betts. That's an. Old time baseball name even Wade Boggs was a great baseball name that's true but this thing that the most amazing. Feat of this. Baseball, was. That nobody's signature, was smudged in the entire thing tell you lords Joe, DiMaggio story sadly end. Event I think it was had to be I. Mean years ago for the. Joe DiMaggio, children's hospital yeah he's there Joe's there when, he's alive and well signed, baseballs and she got one wow she actually got a Joe DiMaggio. Baseball glorious day had. Just gotten to nor. She's all excited she's going to. Bring it. Home hosting the event very sadly was paulie shore oh God she's walking by with it in her hand like walking. By polish goes Grabs it science, ball or any smudged Jordan I still have. The ball up bring it into show you it's. The saddest. Thing, you'll ever, see has it oh yeah oh my God It's a tragic. Tragic autographed. Story whole wow Paulie shore has has screwed up more, than A drunken dopey paulie Shaw Great baseball signature all right that's. My poly short-story Elliott one it's. Actually a Joe. DiMaggio story. I know. Whatever all right it's crazy what's happening, here in this New Mexico Terrorist. Compound story, the development. Of this you're not gonna believe and There's another, plane crash story at least this one. Was the guys on. Plane but buddy. Crashed into his own house it's more. Wacky stuff keep it here it's. Coming, up next south?.

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