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Vegas, Nevada. Manny Pacquiao the seasoned veteran sixty seventy and two three nine knockouts against Adrian broder three three three one and one no contest on there as well. Twenty four knockouts broder's such unbelievable showman in the ring. We'll see what he does. He is a veteran. Manny Pacquiao we turn to our guide that covers combat sports like a blanket for us here on the under the hood show, also see on f s one and covering on Showtime as well. It is a great floors. And he's with me here on ESPN one thousand of the espionage live from Las Vegas. Hello ray. Good evening to you from the fighting capital of the world. And and it is the great Jonathan hosted. I enjoyed it. So always a pleasure to be with you, my friend. What I want to get your thoughts on Browner, first and foremost because this is going to be interesting fight for him. I saw the press conference this Al Bernstein. So he doesn't f- with Albert Einstein. That was kinda rough on the way he handled the the season veteran, Albert Einstein. But what are your thoughts on bronner's career because I wanna talk about that? I. Jonathan I think Adrian Brodie is in underachiever in this sense. He's never won that big fight when he stepped up to that elite world class level. He has fared. Well. Losses to Mike McCarthy. Losses to Sean order. You know, he has, you know, gone a loss Markle's, Mike, Donald Trump. And Jesse Vargas. He reminds me, and I know that millennials going to be like what? But he reminds me of the Buffalo Bills of the nineteen nineties. They could win the championship game. But they could never win the Super Bowl. That's what Adrian Brodie is in boxing champion change that on Saturday. Absolutely. We'll we'll find out. Do you believe because those losses rate that is stop broder from being in the mainstream? We know the unite both know the personality years, he's flashy loves to talk. And I mean, cut a promo like, no other. But I still believe that he's just a few steps obviously behind Floyd Mayweather as far as a personality that's outside the boxing realm has a losses hurt that you think is in that spot. This is why you are the most knowledgeable host when it comes to combat sports all the Chicago and throughout the country because exactly that if you're going to be the bad guy, or as you such an adequate job of breaking down sports, entertainment pro wrestling, if you're going to be the he'll then you have to back it up. You have to win at the elite level. Adrian Brodie has not so people will get him. Like he is east talking rashes. Venus clown. What when he steps up e. Do. Well, so people can't take him seriously. If he's the pizza Mattie pack, y'all you better take him seriously because he will have won the quote, unquote, big fight. That is what he's facing coming up this weekend here in Las Vegas. Ray? Floor is live with us in Las Vegas with Jonathan hood on ESPN one thousand and the espionage athletes talking about Brunner against Pac Yao in this fight. Clearly, there's money on the line you, and I both know why pack your took this fight. But what would just do for his legacy? He's beating so many. He's been beaten by so many as well, what was this fight do for Manny Pacquiao, Jonathan I been around many pack. Yeah. For the past week. I've talked to him three times since last Wednesday. I'll tell you is that this is a matter of fact. Yeah. That seems to be rejuvenated. He feels good fighting back in the United States is now fighting under the premier Boston champion banner, and is advised by all Hayman, the motivation in my opinion for Manny Pacquiao is to further his legacy the fight against the injury. And if he's successful because he's a three to one favorite. I think the motivation for Matty pack. Yeah. And those around talking to Freddie Roach is to lure Floyd Mayweather out of retirement because that is the monkey on the back on Manny Pacquiao division world champion, Ben appropriate twenty four years the one fight that of aging is that lost. You boy Mayweather. And they still believe it was the show injury. That was a contributing factor to his defeat. So they wanna get me while they're in the ring once again, Freddie, Roach dirt you wanted. Said he said all the right things. I want to focus on January nineteenth against Adrian broder. But I do believe in my heart that manufacturing wants, another crack may weather, the super book opened the fight total at ten and a half rounds, minus two seventy five in the plus two twenty five pack Yao is minus three hundred bronner's at plus two forty tell me about the buzz in Vegas. Always want to ask you about that. Because being in Vegas myself. I've seen these super fights it's palpable on the streets. Do you is there a buzz yet? Or is it too early? Now, there was the buzz Jonathan I've been here since curious day a fight week. And I'll tell you that Filipino fans. And and and literally ninety pack is a superstar you say one name. I mean, very rarely do guys in combat sports. I've been around for a long time, you see one name and people in the general population know, who you're talking about pack yells, one of them people probably seven or eight Jeep lined up to see manufacturers ran arrival, which I was. Enough to host and talk to Matty's people are coming in Vegas. This weekend already were on Thursday. So there is a buzz here in Las Vegas, not so much and people are looking at Boehner as an opponent, but Ronan house wouldn't self in the headlines as you pointed out, but but there is a buzz here in the finding capital of the world in January. I love I love that. I love that an industry. It's people are talking about the fight as long as you've been there, which is really cool anything stand out before. I get your thoughts on the fight anything on the undercard that tickles your fancy Jonathan. I think this is a really deep undercard in. And you're you point out and many times have you worked with you at ESPN what about the meat and cheese crowd. Well, I'll tell you that here in Vegas when it comes to the meat and cheese crowd. People sickly only show off for the main event. But this undercard has decided you got body Jack was thirty five years of age taking on Marcus Ron is undefeated. Both guys are former Olympian that's about one hundred. Seventy five pounds. You have a fight with Russia. He warned taking on or Dino Bali. Both guys were former Olympian fought at the Olympic level against one another and they're going head to head. You have a fight a title fight with Jack the boroughs from the Philippines, going head to head against you. Go released from Mexico, the Philippines against Mexico that rivalry when you'd watch again that be a fun in the featherweight division for five Jack marches on really look for because these guys are gonna stand in trade. They're going to slug it out on Saturday as the copay. Okay. Four again, I'm going to stretch this out because I know people are waiting to find out who you like in the fight. But I do I'm interested in finding out your thoughts on the UFC being with the SPN similar to professional wrestling. You know, how this works Ray? If there's going to be a pay per view fight. You have got to put something on whether it's on over the year. Whether it's over the air with it's on cable having their own event because they want to be against the boxing and vice versa. We've seen this over the years. Right. What do you think of Dana white and the UFC being on ESPN, and what can ESPN do that f s one did not? I think that this is a play for ESPN huge raw people for both tried to ESPN's laws. ESPN? Plus if you will get the the UFC has over forty events, and if I'm correct Jonathan almost half of those cars are on ESPN, plus. So the UFC and MMA fans are very loyal. They're very much like wrestling fans, sports entertainment fans. So I think this is ESPN's weight has to say we are going to put a lot of most of behind ESPN me up. The juggernaut biggest Emma may organization on the planet. That's half of their events on ESPN, plus the TV they're gonna draw really good ratings ESPN. They're not doing as many as you probably doing it to six paper views this year. You what she was doing fifteen sixteen year? It is about getting that gives a subscription, which is why I think the UFC is now on ESPN. Yeah. And and so I think it's going to be interesting. Do you? I'll ask you this. You know, the what's happening with the UFC fight this weekend. Will that have any effect on the fight that you're at for boxing? I would think so Charleston because you can watch both and in it is, you know, the fight is at Barclay center in Brooklyn. So those that are on ESPN they could watch the USC they could watch ill Shah and the whole do go head to head, and then you can flip vulgar to your paper view, and you can check out on many Adrian burners. So I don't think it'll it'll have any effect that you sneak it'll make for a better combat sports viewing for the fans on Saturday night. All right. How many rounds does this fight? Go. I think that this does the distance Jonathan in got any conversations with FREDDY Roach and those around Adrian Brodie look as much as Adrian Brodie can be, you know, a cloud and be boisterous and brash. I don't think he's gonna get steamrolled per se it'll get knocked out 'cause oh what's been able to knock it out. Your brother has a lot of hard. I think they'll beat him. But I simply I think she pounds him. I think he hurts him. But I don't think he stops. And this is the most focus I bird Adrian Bonin alongside. So he had a very good training camp. I think back you'll wins a very dominant decision. Boy Mayweather hats. He will be ringside watching this, spike. There are rumors that if pack y'all role then pack y'all and Mayweather number two likely happened in September. Granted I'm gonna say it again, those are rumors. But that's what I'm hearing around some circles here in Las Vegas. You don't think there's money in Bronner repack, you out to pack. Your wins. I don't think. So because it's again, it's like, okay, he stepped up again any laws. So then he becomes more of an opponent for younger guys that are looking to build their name into welterweight division. If back, you always dominant Lee Mayweather is gonna see it may whether you're gonna see dollar signs, and I think that fight happened. Just the camber if what I believe will happen on Saturday night. Let me tell you something Ray if Bronner doesn't win this fight, and I've seen all the predictions a lot of people feel like you that this can go the distance with pack y'all with with the win. Here. If Brennan doesn't a win this fight. I don't know what the next money fight is for him. And then on top of that the three losses. Would it be four? If he loses Saturday, then I then I don't know where he goes. And that's a shame because that's a thirty for thirty in itself. So much flash. So much talk so much pomp and circumstance. But yes, just as you mentioned underachieving never getting to the to the top. And that's that's too bad because he has a gift to gab. But if you're not winning big fights fights like this. Then then you just another guy. Johnson to Keith rates your Boehner. He's gotta start fast. He hasn't started fast against my Donna. Dan, Sean porter. You know, again, you know, the likes of you know, anytime he's moved up. He never started fast. Can't wait. He has got to start extremely quick and bring fight to Manny pack, your backyard stated, you know, is going to be a counterpuncher and he's knocking over stuff against Marquez. But. From a price fighting standpoint do-or-die situation for Adrian Boehner. Which is why I think I think it makes him the most dangerous that he's ever been in his career. All right from the MGM grand in Las Vegas. That's right floors. Ray as always I appreciate it. What's your next assignment? Can we see you preview this a little bit more on Friday? Yes. He also Jonathan tomorrow. I have no duties when it comes to the Wayne's but Saturday, I will be a part of the show alongside Jonathan coach made him. Steve borrowed the hall of Famer. So we will be on on on social media on YouTube on Facebook deputy championship. I'll be doing that. And then February nights upbeat on Showtime Chevy kickboxing their social media pages doing their their, and you know, so very busy over these next few months or things are going to an doing. So so I look forward to next few months and boxing. It'll be a fun time. And hopefully, we get Mayweather Pacquiao number two because they could be on fire for that one. Unbelievable. It just never stops. Man. It just so much fun. This combat sports Ray. I appreciate it, man. Thanks so much for coming on the show. Johnson greatly. Appreciate it as always. I haven't beverage, and I'm gonna give you cheers in my guy Felix as well. Salute to you guys. The NBA. Thank you, my friend. I appreciate it. It is Ray Florida's from Las Vegas with us here.

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