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Recapping our top story, a Fox News Alert. President Trump has commuted the sentence for his longtime friend and advisor Roger Stone, who had been sentenced to prison for lying to Congress during the Russia investigation. The Los Angeles County coroner says the death of a black man found hanging from a tree was a suicide bomber. Fuller was found hanging from a tree on June 10th by someone passing by a park in Palmdale in northern L. A county. Family and friends of the 24 year old were angry in disbelief. When the sheriff's department said early on it appeared to be a suicide. The sheriff's department said Fuller showed no effort to remove the rope from around his neck. He'd also been hospitalized a few times in the recent past, with thoughts of suicide. Medical examiner in L. A, had done an autopsy back in June, but deferred results after the family expressed skepticism. This week, however, the coroner concluded the death was a suicide. Jessica Rosenthal. Fox NEWS another Texas County offering to host the state's Republican Party convention now that Houston's Democratic mayor shut the event down due to covert 19 Houston will not allow the Texas Republicans to have their convention is planned, citing rising Corona virus cases in the city. While the party sues the city, the county just to Houston's North is offering their space and told them that we would be great host Mark Keogh is the county judge in Montgomery County, Texas. That's all that we ask. They apply the same CDC guidelines and standards that they were going to do. In the city of Houston. The convention is to host 6000 delegates from around the state. Houston officials said it would be unsafe. Evan Brown. Fox News Federal judge has denied a request from the operator of the Dakota access Pipeline to halt in order to shut it down during an environmental review. The pipeline needs to be shut down by August 5th Foran additional environmental assessment Timely Scylla,.

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