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Click on our team, you can see the caliber people we hired to work for us. It is and all of those people are. Working. I said the thing that was somewhat disparaging the idea people changing their diet on behalf of these factors. But people do want their vocations to be meaningful and Daniel pink in his book drive. He says the things people want out of their vocation. They want self actualization. They want something that's meaningful. They want to be challenged. But not to challenge every six months. We do a an internal anonymous staff survey, and we are knocking it out of the charts on those things it's a phenomenal place to work, but hard place to get a job. Yeah. Well, I think that's we're seeing more and more of that purpose driven young people who really prioritize that. Perhaps even more than salary, and that's a that. That gives me hope for the new generation the next Jenner jen's, e or whatever it is whatever we're calling it the cover the cover letters that. We read are just so inspiring on people. They think they can change the world and be they want to change the world. It is really. Yeah. It's really really good. Yeah. All right. So give me an estimate of how long. It's going to be before clean meat is going to be commercially available to consumers, I think commercially available at a price point that is somewhat reasonable commercial commercially available at a price point that is similar to like grasp grow. Grow grass fed beef probably three or.

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