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I still really like a lot of the african teams i know morocco morocco kinda lost might actually take them out of the tournament now disconcerting what group they're in but i think you've gotta look at nigeria senegal has to really good teams that can make run to the store minute especially senegal when you when you look at the group their group h they're really fast really physical saudiomani leads their tax one of the better attacker in premier league and then we look at nigeria they've got a lot of career league experience as well from front to back so those are a couple of teams i know iceland did well at the euros knocking vince they'll be able to replicate that after world cup just because they've got argentina croatia nigerian group but that should be the game tomorrow as well because argentina obviously wasn't super convincing this year in the lead up to the world cup they still a lot of questions outside of lionel messi so that'll be another story line watch why does nigeria have the best jersey i don't know man i always the most rain the teams coming into the world cup and i just got mine today yeah it's the great it's the best with that being said we already have had some games mentioned before spain portugal a wonderful game an with a hattrick probably going to be the goal of the tournament with his free kick the tires the toward the end up but spain fires their coach just days before the world cup and he's going to be the real madrid coach and it's talking to little not world cup hey what happened is the don and be spain able to overcome the distraction of training with the coach for the entire process qualifying and everything and then him being booted just days before yeah it's a really screen situation and it obviously all started with stepping down after winning his third straight champions league which is again absolutely unheard of the amount of success that.

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