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Policy sits on top of those but why ability policies yori have and gives you additional coverages yeah amounts of one million dollars on up in an increasing and commence of a million dollars how much you have an umbrella for right now well right now we have the million dollar so and how much do you know this is where we get into what i caller success tax how much do you have and assets net of which you know people probably involved five hundred thousand not counting return then accounts good know those are generally covered are again and we protected from liability you know that by state you know the the money you haven't import your sponsored retirement plan is generally she'll been but money on an eye are a may or may not be depending on the state we're a legal action would happen okay but one thing you could do is you could consider boosting that another million because hey it's very unlikely you never have something that would exceed you're a liability plus a million and the big totally unusual almost on heard of for it to go past two million so the additional costs is per year depending on your unsure for like maybe a hundred and fifty dollars for that and in on that second million more last yeah and that sounds love complex and been trying to do well no well see dan so specially because you have a mortgage on the property right now so back to the base of what you said though the idea that you're going to keep this ranted out with the idea of going back there someday has the property and crease to an value significantly in the time you bound well we've only owned it literally for just a year.

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