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Go there. Just give yourself mission to just look at it. Just go there. Just ask the question. Just point your point your energy to point your attention f it just a moment and how paik route this never ever ever ever any doubt urgency to fix or change or do anything with what you find what you say. Okay but they. They will come a time where you just know that. It's time in ready k. And sometimes we will Rationalized that you know because there's a lot of feed k. Eventually laugh keep reflecting back to us the same healing opportunity over and over and over again case so you don't have to go on a hunt to go searching for it but anything that feels ten year anything. That feels like a struggle anything. That's repetitive. not serving you. Any air your laughed. It just feels like it could do with a little bit more alignment a little bit more love a little bit more. Play a little bit more pleasure right wearing you laugh. Does it feel so serious to the point. Where you're you're not having fun anymore. I mean that's an awesome question. I ask my clients this all the time. Okay beauty. I heard you have the worst amazing week and you guys know you can always reach out to me on instagram at the holistic. Pt a roof over their lot. I really love coming in and sharing some wisdom and insight with you guys. But if you're enjoying the podcasts chief. You finding value in what i'm sharing. Please reach out and let me nor does murder ain't me. It doesn't spy me to keep going. It doesn't spy me to show up. It's only slack when i hear from you. It's just like these big fat bowl of energy it's thrown into my belly black. Let's go mckay so don't think that Yeah i think that it's not it's not wanted or needed. It's so beautiful. And i do appreciate it right go. Just humans take care. And i'll see you next week..

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