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All the players signed a waiver you know the risks we're much more educated now than we were a decade ago about the risk with concussions and ct have them signed a waiver and say we know the risks let's go move forward and keep the game the same i will say this because my initial reaction was this is gonna ruin the game the game's going to look different but you know where the rule came from came from the college game they're already they're already in administering this rule in college now the college is about a defenseless receiver no but they have i've covered games where they had guys and i remember i was doing a game with jay hawk linebacker for the packers and we're talking about it and there was openfield tackle we had a running back and safety and they came up in the open field and they butted heads and through a penalty on an aj and our disbelief we're like what is going on that was a tackle how can you play football and it was it was a penalty on the field and it was it was this rule and i will say this it was called it was a big deal we didn't like it but it didn't ruin college football you still see pretty much the same product where i do think they need to clarify this they need to show the videos of what the hits they're talking about and they've done it to the coaches already and when they get the players i think it won't be as a big a deal as we think it is now i hope not at least if they implement this is the dumbest thing of that they tried to implement this it's just stupidity you're taking away the violence you're taking away you're trying to legislate contact out of a contact sport this collision sport and i'm a hundred percent with you there only fifteen hundred people in the world that one are blessed enough to have the talent to play this game and two or stupid enough to play this game and we go into that understanding what the consequences are you know you're doing irreparable damage and for all those people out there and twitter's fear and all those people that want to make excuses for listen the reason they settled a billion dollar lawsuit the.

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