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On the AIDS Now Jack Taylor in the W. T o P Traffic center, Cleaning up the wreck in Maryland, Prince George's County Beltway interlude trying to get past Allentown Road down. Your Saint Barnabas Road. Stay right. The crash down near Exit four Along the left side of the roadway. There were two trouble spots on the Beltway outer Loop. First one had been topside near Georgia Avenue reports of a chain or something some sort of debris that was down on the right side of the roadway or excuse me left side of the roadway. Then on the outer loop of the Beltway, near old Georgetown Road, we've had one broken down that had been in the left lane. But the delay beyond it continues into the big curve. As you ride down with merging traffic coming off of the southbound spur that you'll find you're in good shape out of 2 70 south Now Frederick down toward the land of Ride without delay. 95 is looking good. Both ways between the Bell weighs little delay south on the BW Parkway approaching and passing 1 75 coming into the district longstanding wreck unclear if it's still There have been a long time D C to 95 South Bend After Burrows Avenue had been in the left lane, Rhode Island Avenue in North Capitol Street, you were under police direction from that earlier crash. All right. We were slow on the Beltway in a loop coming out of Springfield right into Annandale. 66 getting out of an ass deceased into Centerville. 95 north beyond Okay, First down year 6 10 Garrison Ville, The tractor trailer broken down, right lane blocked then between Centre Port Parkway and Stafford, another broken down truck, Also in the right lane reports of a crash on 66 east now, after 1 23 and before nightly reported to be in the right center lane. The record. Manassas Park was 28 North Beach near Manassas, Dr. Prince William Parkway, Adam and Asa's West near business to 34. The wreck was in the left lane, and there's been a crash and falls. Church authorities were there on Arlington Boulevard at Annandale Road Traffic brought to you by Navy Federal Credit Union proud to serve members of the armed forces, diode veterans and their families are members.

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