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Good news in your life got no sight after this week. I do. And that is this a massive his arm. He's been around for a while there helping the homeless population throughout the tri state well specifically in Cincinnati, and largely because the founders of mass lows army Were once almost themselves, so they have a lot of street cred. When it comes to talking to people who are experiencing homeless and the good news is they just signed a lease to turn the old Queen's Gate jail. And we've debated what to do with the Queen's shape Queens Gate Shelf for a while now, But they're going to turn that into the first day care center for homeless here in the Cincinnati area, and they go fighters. Sam Landis. He's on the show Now, Sam. Good morning. How are you? Morning floating. How are you? I'm doing fine. This is a really good news in a day and age where we have no seemingly no good news. Other than what may be the vaccines coming out. Then we heard five years said. Well, not so fast. We had a team advance. We're gonna start over and we've yet to approve it for use in the United States. It sounds like we're on the cusp of great news there. But that's now been pushed back a little bit. So we're backed up nothing but bad news. This is a piece of good news. Why? Well, this was four years in the making. So this was a vision when Muslims army first started that we would have Cincinnati Hamilton County, the state of Ohio very first. A center and that would be a place that individuals experiencing homelessness can go in 8 12 hours a day. Um, you know, get on computers talk with peer support specialist navigational specialist people that have been out there experiencing homelessness, overcome addiction, alcoholism and mental illness. Working with one another to provide a hand up, said that, um, you know, ultimately we can help the individual become healthy and productive members of society and get them oust. So this was a huge thing for a huge victory for Cincinnati and Hamilton County. Paid for by cares Act dollars, and it couldn't have come at a better time. As as manure the organizations out there at limited capacity as you can imagine, Due to the pandemic, they only serve certain hours certain there's so many individuals that time. So you know the fact that we were able Tomo You know, mix up with David Ward, who is the owner, proprietor of this property that he bought a few years back that he had done some renovations and was willing to read this to math. Liu's Army to become a day center is is very significant. How many people at one time could be there? Great. So that's 20,000 square feet. Ah, lot of wide open spaces, Classrooms, offices. So, you know doing the math 20,000, you know, divided by 36 up to 555, but we're planning on serving around. You know 3 to 3 50, which is a solid number and and you know, this is good, And it's also bad in that. You're gonna open up. I think in the next week at the soft opening, right thinking by certainly By Christmas, you're gonna be open and ready to go to get And that's when the weather is going to start to turn Now, Obviously, it's pretty been pretty cold the last couple days, but that's unusual when they're really, really cold temps come. You will be ready to take folks in during the day. Because normally they don't have anywhere to go. Um on, but but we also have Cove. It So what may ask Sam Landis. You guys open this thing We've got covert 19. Is this just gonna cause people to get sicker and maybe the homeless who, Because if there's any upside I guess would be is to you. You may be spaced away from other people. You're outdoors on Baby Cove. It is you're less likely to get co but I don't know if that's true or not, But take me through that scenario. Okay, So so the very first thing that happens when a client comes to the door, they have their temperature taking their given masks. They're given a bottle of hand sanitizer. You know where we practice safe, social distancing. There's a lot of space. So, you know. There's this is just a vast amount of space. And then there's always gonna be education on Cove in 19 and the importance of not gathering together in groups while they're here. Now they will be working with one on one peer support and navigational specialist. Each member of my staff, which we're working today. We're actually after jail today doing some work with the H M s program. Everybody will be entered into a program through strategies to end homelessness called clarity. So we can keep track of these individual we work with and and kind of show their progress. And as as we tried to lift them off the streets, but but we were going to be working with the health department. In fact, they're they're donating mast and cleaning supplies and certain things, and then we'll be working with nurses and our staff is highly competent when it comes to educating on program 19 Gotcha. So that's the other thing is getting getting those who are homeless, experiencing homelessness in Cincinnati, Sam Adams from Hassles Army Um, some some knowledge about about combat has been up to this point. How is Cho been impacted the homeless population here. Well from September of 2019 to September of 2020. We have seen a 38% increase on individuals living on the streets. That doesn't mean homelessness altogether. See what what has happened As a result of this pandemic, people that were living with family members or friends on couches on forth whatnot. They're forced out of those places. Because of the high wished, spreading the virus. So we're seeing a spike and people that are living directly on the street. And now now is when we really need to act in an offer solutions as you could remember. It was the day after Christmas December. 26 2017 were. We lost our valuable family member in Martin, who froze to death at a bus stop right rednecks about square. You know.

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