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They're highly inflammatory and highly connected to every disease known to man so we have to use cooking methods that are low and slow and wetter is better. That's why i tell people to poach slow cooker. And marinate marinate marinate. If they're going to use the grill at all the best marination that i know of is using a little bit of olive oil with some sort of acidic base. Maybe a little bit of wine or a little bit of lemon lime and a little bit of time and garlic rosemary. Works to as as a marinade malicious marinate but that can reduce the age of eighty percent. And the other thing is take a look at what your cooking utensils are made from if they're made from iron aluminum copper. Get rid of them. How come you can look at somebody who is eighty and look at another person who is eighty next to them and you could see remarkable difference in age just by looking at the two of them. Well a lot of it is lifestyle. I don't think your genes your destiny. So a lot of it i think. Eighty percent is lifestyle and twenty percent of it is probably inherited quite frankly but people that live very long age la live long into the age of radical longevity andrea one hundred and twenty those people that have a certain genetic mutation that allows for better cellular repair so you can replicate that pro probably very easily by doing a little restricted eating and intermittent fasting lobster gonna live long hundred twenty. You want to be able to function right. So can you. Well you can if you can if you change your your whole view of aging if you change the way that you view aging biology is not your destiny for heaven sakes so you ten if you do have the right lifestyle of your cooking properly if you're exercising if you have a lot of social activity if you have a purposeful life if you're exercising moderately and you have a wide variety of friends. Couple years ago we were talking about your book zapped about cell phones and things like that has anything changed. We've gone into five g since then. Oh boy you know want to hear about that or do you. Do you reluctantly reluctantly. Well the truth is the today. Our exposure to ems is increased. Probably quilliam times over the past. One hundred years and acquaint. Pilion is what you get when you multiply a million a million five times so the reality is at five. G is making the radiation exposure. Even worse it's kind of like wi fi on steroids. Four g use a maximum of about five gigahertz frequency but five g uses between twenty four and ninety gigahertz frequency. So you don't have to be a rocket scientist to understand that. Higher frequencies are dramatically more potent and more dangerous so all this non ionizing radiation create sleep problems fatigue cancer depression back pain. Digestive.

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