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Forget why anyway back to the sex club yeah yeah no i i remember that relationship yeah that's why i always have to ask if your dating anybody now 'cause i don't you're so secretive secret cruise the personal let's have another four your free like session go ahead slip a little secret out right now i don't have any to go secret i i'm more open now than i used to be too are you are i am i talk yeah i'll talk yeah it was talking to blame about stuff also stuff like what nothing not even nothing oh never mind for the post show perhaps no no the post show pretty well laurie it was a pretty weird story could you give us like a hint no you don't have the name name i'm really not gonna tell the story anyway until the story we found that clip the thing of the thing the architects thing of oh just you're about the story no i okay everything there's that mean blaine would do are done it for like multiple years since like the second or third rdx we take a camera diesel are and we'd run around and shoot like crowd footage or like just run around like doing like high five channel today and if you've seen any clips of artifacts where people are are chanting artie x are or anything like that that was mean blame those us running around doing that we went last year and we're like hey let's go do that thing where we shoot a bunch of footage and it's fun and we were we were we were like it's always like finding the right area where you can get a bunch of people and we were like oh we'll go to the top of the escalator there's an escalator awesome adventures term that's the fucking tallest escalator i've ever seen huge it's like four story tall escalator think i might have heard about yeah like force so we are like let's go to top escalator and we'll get you know everyone chain.

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