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Carolina is the he is the plastic surgeon who has worked on many of the jersey ladies. Who what realize would you love to get your hands. Wow come on. That's a tough question. Great question you guys do such a good job putting the cast together. You get all these beautiful women. Here you want more with theresa wants to see teresa mo right tough one you scari- hooked nose back. Virtual audience harley from phillies question for giselle high anti high giselle. Hi michael things promise. I'm super happy to be here My questions fridges. Oh on a scale of one to ten. How successful do you think. Wendy's candle business is going to be sahara. But i'm just like a softball not that successful. No say this her book she just came out with the book. Yes can be more successful. I bet it's good. Here's kiki and cc. From los angeles with the question for michael. Hi andy. hi michael. I have to say michael. I've had a crush on you. Zebra head. I appreciate learning. Even thank you deep blue. Say michael. Hi i also have a new. And i think you're a little bit nicole okay. We haven't heard question though reaction. When is our field. She had dated an nba player and current nba player. Should date now. Did you ever reveal what nba player. You dated no was sherman douglas. Actually that that story was about somebody else. Okay okay okay. Okay okay but as far as nba player. I mean these guys are twenty two years old. They'd have to be like a cool coach. A cool assistant coach. These guys. these trust their children. Yeah they wouldn't know what to do with giselle. Oh my lord okay. Giselle pot h. Two o once when you first found out were shocked to find out the porsche was with. Fallon's ex-im simon. Like the rest of us back story to that is we. Were filming chat room. She said she went downstairs and he proposed so i kinda felt like i was there at the proposal to really wasn't because i don't have a ring so but i was shocked because i didn't know that it was going to happen in all as far as fallon is concerned. I mean they've made it pretty clear. There was a line drawn in the sand. She wasn't really friends with her. Whatever i just want to be happy and she is beyond half.

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