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I'm Brian watt tech workers. Are organizing it looks a little different in their world they're not marching for better. Wages or working conditions instead they're taking issue with how their companies are run or what they make and this organizing isn't. Easy many tech companies have created cultures that discourage workers from joining unions or speaking out he QB de Sam Harnett reports on one growing group for rank and file tech, employees who, want to change their industry it's hard to get tech workers to tell their stories to the media question Where is this going, yeah so so what I wanna do. Things like a little feature story in this organization Oregon's radio yes right here this. Tech worker was afraid to give her name or say where she. Worked she has a lot to lose a career in a very competitive field but back in two. Thousand sixteen after the election of Donald, Trump she started questioning her industry she. Was feeling alone. Feeling that my co. Workers just want to focus on building tools. And building apps and are not worried about these. Larger issues that's why she joined the tech workers coalition it's one of the. Number of tech employees groups. That have formed over recent years some focus on workers who don't share the industry's. Wealth bus drivers and cafeteria workers the tech workers coalition is more for programmers engineers and product managers those who are unhappy. With some of the decisions their companies are making and where the industry. Is Coalition organizes meetings like this one in San Francisco more. Than one hundred and? Twenty-five, workers from big and small tech companies crammed into a stuffy meeting room talking about, things like? How, to challenge. Their employers or the way that some of their products and services than the. Inequalities of capitalism in aid authoritarianism several people brought up how IBM Bill, technology to help Nazis murdered Jews during World War Two hashtag tech, won't build it was the. Theme many of the key organizers were women and people of color others had non-conventional paths into tech yeah a lot of people that have done camps. And stuff for like maybe there does you. Know and so they're not necessarily like haven't, been indoctrinated with a lot of the. Mythology of the tech industry areas Giovanni is a mechanical engineer his parents were working. Class immigrants and he did residential construction for four years he says. That job let him experience class struggle in a way he wouldn't have any.

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