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Keep it right here. Lawns talk about with cdot region for communications manager jared file when he joins us this morning at eight thirty five but did want to pass this along just in case you wanted to get engaged in this plan. Update for horse tooth mountain open space according to a release From the larimer. County department of natural resources. Well they're seeking additional public import again for its management plan update at horse tooth mountain. Open space the second phase of input is to gauge well. Our response to conceptual adjustments to the existing trail system resource management activities and other operation operational modifications. Excuse me at the open. Space tools for feedback include an online survey and interactive map and a discussion forum which are posted on the engagement web. Page the web page by the way is open for comment through november twelfth Twenty twenty one now. The first phase of public input for the horse tooth mountain open space plan. Update occurred from july through september of twenty twenty. One case you're wondering where's tooth mountain open. Space is bordered by laurie. State park to the north horse tooth reservoir to the east and private lands and subdivisions on portions of the west east and south edges. Now within horse tooth mountain open space. There are twenty nine miles of natural surface trails access by two primary trail. Heads the main parking area along a west county road thirty eight e and the soderbergh trail head near horse tooth reservoirs in let bay so if you would like to get engaged in this process it's easy enough to do just jump online Visit larimer dot org forward slash natural resources and noodle around from there To find the horse tooth mountain open space plan update again that web pages open for comment through november twelfth. Twenty twenty one all right closing on eight thirty now. Northern colorado's voice one of three one thirteen ten. Kfi k stay with us. Jared file cdot region for communications manager. Coming up in just a few the good afternoon guy with brian gerry weekday afternoons at three. Northern colorado's voice one zero three point. One thirteen ten kfi k. Everything you need to know about northern rondo is on noko now. Weekdays at nine and northern colorado's voice. One three point one in thirteen ten. Kfi.

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